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Startup company Elio Motors is closer to achieving its goal of selling an American-made, three-wheel vehicle by securing a former General Motors plant in Louisiana. The lease and financial assistance from the state moves the low-cost Elio “car” closer to a production reality. With a target price under $7,000, the Elio tandem two-seater looks like an Automotive X Prize contestant. During that 2010 competition, we saw numerous thrifty vehicles combine two- or three-wheels with a […]

Buying Old GM Plant

Does this story sound familiar? A green car startup wants to buy a former General Motors plant, though this time the setting isn’t Delaware, but rather Shreveport, Louisiana. Elio Motors hopes to buy the old GM plant to sell their low-cost, high MPG car. The Shreveport plant has already seen one would-be green automaker shrivel up and die while waiting for Federal funding. Bright Automotive hoped to build a high-MPG hybrid van at the Shreveport […]

GM plant in LA

DETROIT — The trust responsible for selling and cleaning up former General Motors properties has agreed to sell a shuttered GM plant near Shreveport, La., to a start-up carmaker that plans to hire 1,500 new workers. An ultra-small carmaker called Elio Motors signed a deal to buy the former GM plant in Caddo Parish from the Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response (RACER) Trust. The deal was heralded by Louisiana politicians as an economic victory for […]

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