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Top Questions Answered 5-30-14

Happy Friday Elio family and friends!  We trust that you have had a great week and are ready for summer fun to hit full stride, we know that we are.  This week we are going through the top questions from the last month that came through our website inquiry emails.  Some of these may be a repeat from the Comments or Readers Choice blogs, but know that they come up all the time and recently too.  We have […]

USA Today Video Article

Click here to be taken to for a great article on Elio Motors!

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Update – The Preview Tour 5-23-14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  This Friday is a special one because it leads into a 3-day weekend for most people and is the Friday before Memorial Day.   Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and please remember those that have helped make this country great. The Elio Preview Tour continues spreading the Elio word around the country almost every day.  The last month has been a whirlwind of driving as we have traversed the country attending three big media […] Article

Click here to go to the article on ⌖       SHARE Imagine it’s 2016 already and you want to buy a personal mobility vehicle to roam around town going to work, shopping and meeting with friends. What would you choose? A bike with a small engine or an electric scooter seems all right, but then you remember you have a friend who had a nasty crash on one of those damn two wheeled things and it kinda scares […]

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Let’s talk about…Laws 5-16-14

Happy Friday Elio friends and fans!  Today we are going to discuss the helmet and licensing progress that the Elio Team has made and continues to make as we move toward production.  Licensing and helmets are an important step in our progress and we have a team dedicated to making it happen.  The Governmental Affairs team is led by a long time Elio man, Vice President of Governmental Affairs Joel Sheltrown.  Before Joel joined the Elio team he […]

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