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This Stop – Comic-Con San Diego!

Hey Elio’ers, this week’s tour update is especially fun because we spent the weekend at Comic-Con International in San Diego! We met plenty of, shall we say, unique #futureliowners on the boardwalk.  Here are some of them below…     See our Comic-Con Facebook Photo album We took to the boardwalk and asked the Comic-Con goers, “What super hero do you see driving the Elio and why?” Watch their responses here. We met a lot of celebrities on […]

“All In” Bonus Program FAQs

1. How does the Elio bonus program work? Make an “All In” non-refundable reservation and you’ll receive 25% of your reservation amount as a bonus. So, a $100 “All In” reservation equals $125 off (your $100 reservation plus a $25 bonus) the total price of your Elio.   2. If I am a current “All In” non-refundable reservation holder and upgrade to another level, what bonus percentage do I receive? You’ll receive a 25% bonus […]

Tech Talk

Top 3 Website FAQ’s – 7/25/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers, what a beautiful week to be part of the Elio revolution!  This week we are going to cover the most popular questions that have come in through the website.  We are taking care to not repeat questions that we have answered previously.  To see those, check out our blog from May 30, 2014. Let’s dive in: How are you able to get such great gas mileage? The key to our gas mileage […]

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This Stop – San Francisco!

On the way to San Francisco! Hey Elio’ers, another tour update coming your way! We left Portland for San Francisco and definitely opted for the scenic route. We took the P4 out for a trail drive in the Redwood Forest and even drove it through a tree! Don’t panic, the prototype is in tact. Take a look at the pictures below…           See the full Facebook albumWatch footage of the Elio driving through […]

Tech Talk

Elio in the Spotlight

Happy Friday Elio’ers.  We hope that your week was as good as ours!  The Elio story continues to gain momentum and every day we have more Elio fans find their way to the website.  As always, our most effective tool is you and the fantastic job you all do in spreading the word, so thank you.  We have been in the press a lot over the last month that we wanted to share in case […]

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