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Thanksgiving and Leftovers…

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  We trust that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and got to spend some quality time with family and friends. We are shaking off the tryptophan and getting ready for some Black Friday action.  This week’s blog is a quick look at some random topics that don’t necessarily fit in their own blog, but are important none the less. Before we get to that, we want to take advantage of Thanksgiving and give some thanks.  First, […]

Tech Talk

Tech Talk v44 – Thanksgiving is on Us

In the future…let your Elio pay for Thanksgiving Dinner! Happy Thanksgiving! And, welcome to one of the biggest travel weekends of the year. According to AAA, an estimated 46.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home during the holiday weekend. This is projected to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel season since 2007. More than 89 percent will travel by automobile and the average round trip will be 549 miles. Of course, when […]

Tech Talk

This Stop – Florida!

Hello Elio’ers! This week’s tour blog is coming to you from the Sunshine state. Let’s just say it’s not a coincidence we scheduled Florida for the end of November.  Although our event was indoors, we made sure to take advantage of some of the good weather. We pulled over in Destin, FL to take the P4 for a spin along the water. We made it just as the sun was setting so the view was incredible. Take […]

Tech Talk

What is the Elio like to drive? 11-21-14

Happy Friday Elio friends, family and fans!  Hope you are staying warm through this polar vortex/Artic surge/”Oh My! It is only November!” blast of cold that most of the US has endured this week.  Our Tour Team got to experience the coldest day in Jacksonville Florida in over 141 years!  So much for the “winter in the south” for the tour team… Hope all of our Elio’ers in Buffalo and upstate NY are making it […]

The Lars Larson Show – VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo On Air

VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo On The Lars Larson Show LISTEN HERE

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