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Choose Your Own Information 1/30/15

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Super Bowl Weekend! This is one of the biggest weekends of the year around the globe and almost a national holiday here in the US, are you ready? We get to endure hundreds of hours of coverage and a four hour plus pregame show for eleven minutes of actual football, but we hope you are like us and love every minute of it. Here is to the game being a classic and the […]

Tech Talk

Tech Talk v53 – A good match for Elio!

Gen Y a Good Match for Elio Affordability, Unique Design Conventional wisdom says that Generation Y, or Millennials (consumers between ages 18-34), are not all that into cars. Of course, at Elio Motors, we have a saying. “E” is for everyone. We believe there is a case to be built for just about anyone to own an Elio. There’s the AND vehicle crowd – the people who own an SUV, Pickup Truck or Minivan, but […]

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This Stop – Tucson!

Hello Elio’ers! Last weekend the tour team traveled down to Southern Arizona for an event at the Tucson Mall. As usual, the crowd did not disappoint.  When we arrived and before the stores were even open, we had a crew of about twenty people waiting for us to remove the car cover. Since Arizona is our company headquarters, some of the first few reservation holders are here.  Take for instance motorcycle enthusiast, Gail, who proudly holds the #172 spot! […]

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Have you met

Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Many of you know about this weeks blog topic,, and some have even purchased items from them before. Regardless of your prior knowledge, here is the formal “re-roll-out” of our merchandise partner –! Elio Motors wants to do things differently, better, than those that have come before us. One area that we will show this is in focus, and focusing on our vehicle.  We know vehicles. We know […]

Tech Talk

Tech Talk v52 – Update on Funding

Elio Motors retains Corporate Fuel Securities as Financial Advisor, Placement Agent to Lead Funding Efforts Launching a start-up usually begins with one person and one big idea. In this case, Paul Elio has a better idea for what people would like to drive. But, obviously, there is no way one person can design, build, market sell and service a new vehicle. Along the journey, other professionals with unique skill sets need to be added to […]

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