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Can Elio Achieve $6,800 MSRP

Happy Friday Elio’ers! February 27th is one of those weird days that doesn’t have a lot associated with it historically. Holidays? None really unless you want to count Polar Bear Day – International. Notable births? No one really jumps out other that the possibility of over 100 Elio reservation holders (39,900 reservation holders/365 days in a year)! It is the 58th day of the year (yawn) in the dead of winter, and even gets out done […]

Tech Talk

Tech Talk v57 – Elio Motors Continues Its Winning Ways

Elio Motors Continues Its Winning Ways     At the beginning of February, Elio Motors provided an update of the most recent legislative activities. Since that time, the Elio Motors governmental affairs team continues their success around the nation with legislation that puts “Autocycle” in definition and exempts helmets and motorcycle licenses for operation.   Most recently, New Mexico Representative Carl Trujillo’s HB 65 passed House Transportation and the House of Representatives unanimously, 53-0 vote. […]

Master Herald – Elio Motors Continue their Battle for Law Changes, When Is the Company Planning Its Major Release?

Elio Motors Continue their Battle for Law Changes, When Is the Company Planning Its Major Release? SOURCE: Master Herald  Elio Motors used to be quite prominent in the news, but there hasn’t been that much talk about the company in recent weeks. Some have attributed that to possible incoming bad news, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. From what we’re able to see about the company’s work, they just have a lot going […]

Tech Talk

Elio Tour – Georgia!

Hello Elio’ers!  We wrapped up in Rome, GA last Thursday with Vice President of Sales Jerome Vassallo presenting at the Confluence Conference. Or, better known to the social media users at the event, #confluencerome. The conference was very exciting as innovative idea, after innovative idea graced the stage.  From open-source 3D printing providing hands and extremities to those in need to non-invasive Ebola detecting scans, it really had it all. There was even an interactive 3D education system […]

Tech Talk

Elio Catch Up Friday

Happy Friday Elio friends and family! We hope you are all staying warm as most of the country is experiencing abnormal cold (and snow in the north east – Boston!). Spring is just around the corner, hang in there! This week we are going to share a couple of random but important Elio items.  It has been a while since we have done this so let’s take a look at this weeks “Catch Up” list: A heads up […]

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