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What is P to E?

  Happy Friday Elio’ers! When does a “P” change to an “E”? This isn’t a play on our founder’s name, Paul Elio, nor is this one of those high school “new math” questions that you have to solve. “P” to “E” is more about progress. It is also Elio Motors continuing our mission to keep you in the loop as to what we are doing and sharing the inside scoop about the process of bringing a […]


Elio Momentum v12 – We did it! But what’s next?

Crowdfunding Initiative Key to Maintaining Momentum Paul Elio has been pretty candid about just how important fundraising is to Elio Motors’ long-term success. Here’s what he said in a recent video interview with “Access to capital is the hardest part of starting a company,” Elio said. “Crowdfunding is a good, viable way for a company and investor to match up.” How good? For Elio Motors, it meant obtaining non-binding indications of interest totaling $25 million […]

Bankless Times – Elio Motors tops $25M on StartEngine

Elio Motors tops $25M on StartEngine   SOURCE: Bankless Times  TONY ZERUCHA  JUL. 29, 2015, 9:51 AM The maker of a two-seat, three-wheeled car has attracted more than $25 million of interest on equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. Elio Motors announced the milestone today while adding they will continue to accept expressions of interest. Slated to be built in a former GM plant in Shreveport, LA, the Elio will cost $6,800 while getting up to 84 miles […]

Tech Talk

This Stop – Independence, MO!

This Stop – Independence, MO! Hello Elio’ers! Another Tuesday, another tour blog. This time, we’re coming from Independence Center in Independence, MO. Talk about excitement in the air! One reason is because for many of our futureliowners, this was the first time they were able to experience the Elio up close and personal. Then you add in the recent announcement of the fifth Elio prototype (P5) being underway and it makes for a high energy event. […]

Autoblog – Elio reaches $25M crowdfunding target

Elio reaches $25M crowdfunding target 6,665 Investors Have Each Put In An Average Of $3,775 SOURCE: Autoblog Sebastian Blanco Well, that didn’t take long. After a month of asking for individual investors to pony up some money through the crowdfunding site StartEngine, Elio Motors announced today that it has reached the $25 million level. Now, that doesn’t mean that Elio just got a check for $25 million. Instead, StartEngine says that the amount (actually, $25,161,050) is made up of “non-binding indications […]

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