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Forbes – Crowdfunding: Elio Motors, CrowdfundX And $30 Million

Crowdfunding: Elio Motors, CrowdfundX And $30 Million   SOURCE: Forbes AUG 26, 2015 @ 11:22 PM Moira Vetter, CONTRIBUTOR   Several weeks ago I wrote a piece about crowdfunding and how potentially difficult the process might be for run of the mill entrepreneurs. By run of the mill, I meant people needing under $1 million to get to their next step. I got some good feedback, but I wasn’t prepared for the amazing story of Elio […]

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Moving Forward – Reg A+

Happy Friday Elio’ers. Yet another great week at Elio Motors. We are sure that you read the Momentum blog on Wednesday that detailed the successes we have had over the last week. This morning (actually last night after business hours) we put the final touches on our SEC filing and filed it! The amount of hours that went into this process were staggering and the blog staff wants to give a hearty thank you and […]


Elio Momentum v16 – A lot can happen in a week at Elio Motors!

Presidents, Prototypes, SEC Filings, Oh My! What a week here at Elio Motors! It’s not everyday that you are included in the same story as the president of the United States…or that you take the next step in building a vehicle that will change the world…or that you make a move toward sharing your slice of the American Dream with more than 8,000 other believers… But, we’re doing all that here at Elio Motors… and […]

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Elio Motors Tour goes to National Clean Energy Summit

Elio Motors Tour goes to National Clean Energy Summit   Hello Elio’ers!  Over the weekend, Elio Motors made a quick stop in Las Vegas for the 8th annual National Clean Energy Summit.  Nevada is leading the country in solar and geothermal markets, and has become an important hub for clean energy, advanced manufacturing technologies and data centers. The NCES examined the investments, partnerships and innovation necessary to continue this incredible momentum. (  At 84 MPG and an affordable price […]

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A Peek Inside the E1 Testing

Happy Friday Elio’ers! A couple of weeks ago we discussed a change from “prototype” to “engineering” vehicles, the “P to E” blog, that shared a significant milestone in our progress.  In that blog, we discussed the E vehicles and our plan to share more information over the coming weeks. Well, this week we will add some color to the E1 process and how they will be used during the next step in our progress. The E1 vehicles, […]

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