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Elio Motors Tour goes to Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

Hello Elio’ers!  Being at Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction harkens back to a time when classic muscle cars came cloaked in “Sassy-Grass” or “Plum Crazy.”  The average cost of a new car in the 60’s was right around $2,700 (without air-conditioning).  Gas was just .32 cents a gallon and for that price, the attendant would check your tire pressure, your oil, clean your windshield, and you might even have received a commemorative glass, plate, or miniature model […]

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Out with the Old, In with the Fuel-Efficient | Elio Motors

Americans love their vehicles, and with good reason. The average American will spend about 38,000 hours in the confines of their car over a lifetime, so they tend to get familiar. A car can act as a kitchen table, a temporary bed to catch a few roadside Z’s, and even a karaoke bar. Increasingly, Americans are holding on to their beloved cars longer. Despite resurgence in new car sales, the American fleet is older than […]

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The First Pictures of the Elio Engine in the P5

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Wow, what a week… so exciting. You see and read about the progress that we make every day through our various communication tools like blogs, social media and email. Some days it is small, some days it is “behind the curtain” and sometimes we don’t share everything. Well, this is just too exciting to hold any longer. Ok, before we get to the bigger news, wanted to keep you in the loop […]

Fortune- 10 Truly Innovative Auto Startups

The Los Angeles Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo gathered top executives from companies such as Google and Microsoft to identify the most promising startup companies. Elio Motors, which will produce a fuel-efficient, safe, and affordable vehicle, was announced as one of the 10 hottest startups. Lead advisory board member Michelle Avary is quoted as saying “These companies are beyond just cool—we think they will help make the entire automotive industry better.” Here’s the link to […]


Elio Momentum v20 – Investing Tips by The Motley Fool

As you most likely know, Elio Motors recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to seek authorization to formally offer stock. Our goal is to raise $25 million to fund the E1 to E25 test vehicle build. This is an important step for Elio Motors, as it provides a new method for raising capital. But, it is an equally important step for investors who might not have had an opportunity to get in on […]

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