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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope this email finds you in a satisfied turkey haze and doing something that makes you happy: from Black Friday shopping to enjoying a fall four day weekend with your family and everything in between. With all of the positive events that have been happening for us, the LA Auto Show, Security and Exchange Commission authorization leading to the opening of the window for people that reserved shares until December 2nd at […]

AOL Translogic- 2015 LA Auto Show

Translogic covered all of the big names at the LA Auto Show and took a look at Elio Motors’ P5. To learn about the differences the P4 and the P5, click on the link below. Elio Motors is featured at the 6:25 mark.  

Yahoo – Here’s our first look at Elio Motors’ 84-mpg P5 prototype

Elio Motors has been turning heads at the LA Auto Show, but the project is about more than just a sleek design. According to Yahoo, the Elio is unique because of “its blend of financial accessibility and low operating costs, both of which could grant unprecedented amounts of mobility to those less fortunate.” Read more about the P5’s debut at the LA Auto Show below:

Autoweek- Elio Motors debuts fifth prototype, still needs $200 million

Elio Motors unveiled their fifth generation prototype (P5) at the LA Auto show, and Autoweek was on hand to report on the event. Read more about Elio Motors’ “drive to productivity” below:


Elio Momentum v29 – A special thank you from Elio Motors

P5 Launch, Stock Sale Highlight Big Week at Elio Motors At Elio Motors, we are trying to change the world. Yes, it sounds like a big, lofty goal. But, it’s true. We are building a vehicle that will create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help lift people out of poverty by providing low-cost mobility to get to a job. We know people like you – our fans and reservation holders – believe […]

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