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2016 Halloween Costume Competition!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you feel like this election season is unbearably long, you’re not alone. The Conventions for both parties took place way back in July! Forget the Conventions, the first primary was ten long months ago. Mercifully, the final debate was on Wednesday night and we’re a mere 17 days away from Election Day. Just think, in only 17 days the political commercials and mailings will come to an end. With Halloween just around the corner, there are sure to be quite a few politically themed costumes making the rounds at parties and on Trick or Treat circuits.

This got us thinking, what kind of costume would the Elio wear for Halloween? We realized that Elio Motors reservation holders and fans are an incredibly creative bunch. If you’ve ever been on our Facebook page, you’ve probably seen that our fans have come up with some pretty awesome designs. Thus, the 2016 Elio Motors Costume Competition was born! We want to see what our imaginative supporters can come up with.

Here are the details:

What? We want to see how you would “dress” your Elio for Halloween. The winning entries will be decided by the Elio Motors Customer Experience Team. Entries will be graded by ingenuity, originality, and artistic ability. All decisions are final. Remember, no wagering, and have fun!

How? Here are a few images you can use as a template.




To save the photos, right click, and select “Save Image.” These are images we think would work best, but feel free to peruse our gallery and use any image you would like. Here’s the link. You can use Photoshop or any other image programs. If you’re not too handy with computer images, you can print off an image and use good old fashioned pen and pencil to costume your Elio! Then simply scan and email the image back to us.

For all entries, please send them in a PDF or JPEG. To submit an entry, email your creation to [email protected] and make the subject of your email “Halloween 2016.”

When? The competition begins now! You have until Thursday, October 27 at 12 PM Central to make your submission(s). You can submit as many entries as you would like, but only one can win a prize. Procrastinators take notice: no late submissions will be accepted.

What…Can I Win? Now, the fun part. 3rd place will win a limited-edition Elio Motors t-shirt. And you can even pick the size. 2nd place will win a limited-edition t-shirt and an Elio Motors hat. 1st place wins….drumroll please… MTX headphones (retail value $149.95) a hat, and a limited-edition shirt. Not only that, but all three winners will be featured in next week’s Friday Blog and on our social media pages. Not to brag, but that’s pretty great exposure!

We look forward to seeing what our fans come up with! Let the creative juices flow.

In case you missed it, this week’s Momentum gave an update on our E-Series testing. This update covered our HVAC testing with our supplier RedDOT. The E1D is one tough customer. We put it through blistering cold and sizzling hot conditions. How did the E1D perform? We’re not a fan of spoilers, so we’ll let you find out for yourselves by clicking here…


Elio Preview Tour:



Thanks as always and have a tremendous weekend!

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