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Elio Motors Completes First E-Series Test Vehicle; Company Takes Critical Step Toward Commercial Production | Press Release

Engineering team, supplier partners to use E-Series for aerodynamics, safety, durability testing   LIVONIA, Mich., June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Elio Motors, Inc. (OTCQX: ELIO), the start-up vehicle manufacturer planning to launch a three-wheeled vehicle that will get up to 84 mpg with a targeted base price of $6,800, today announced the completion of its first E-Series testing vehicle, one of the company’s most important milestones in its march toward production.   The first E-Series […]


Final Phase in Pictures: The First E-Series Vehicle | Elio Momentum v60

First E-Series Vehicle Progresses to Completion at Pilot Operations Center Last week, we shared with you that the first E-Series vehicle was approaching completion. This week, the vehicle is so close to being done, you can almost smell the Turtle Wax. As we come around the last turn and enter the final straight away in our race to complete the first testing vehicle, we find that the Elio’s body panels all have been installed and are […]

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Barrett Jackson at Mohegan Sun | Elio Motors Tour

Attending a sold-out Barrett-Jackson The World’s Greatest Car Auctions at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut with over 60,000 bidders, sellers and attendees evokes a pondering question: What makes a car a “classic?”  While there are numerous contributions that add value, we believe it boils down to two categories.  What you see, and what you don’t see.  We’ll expound…. There are tangible attributes like styling and innovation that tell you the automaker was years ahead of […]

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Born in the USA: The Importance of Buying an American Car | Trending Topics

  Americans love automobiles, and more specifically, American-made automobiles. The automobile has long been a symbol of American innovation, perseverance, and freedom. Not only do Americans love American-made vehicles because of their uniqueness, many Americans prefer an American-made car because it benefits the country as a whole. A Harris Poll found that “Eighty-seven percent said it’s important or very important to buy American-made cars to ‘support American companies.’ And 76 percent said they buy American […]

BGR- Letting it ride: Entrepreneur bets it all on a $6,800, 84 mpg microcar for the masses

Paul Elio is a man on a mission to change the way we move. The Boy Genius Report, a leading source in technology news, recently profiled Paul and his vision to alter the course of transportation. Read more about “the story of entrepreneur and car enthusiast Paul Elio” here.

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