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Where are the reservation holders after 65,000 reservations?

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Tomorrow should be a great day for sports fans and pranksters alike. We have the beginning of the Final Four (Gonzaga vs South Carolina and Oregon vs North Carolina) and April Fool’s Day. Even if your bracket is completely busted, these two matchups should provide an entertaining day of basketball. Remember tomorrow to be weary of dubious news stories and look twice before you sit down. Also, the start of April should […]


Engineering Results: Our Visibility Capability

In nearly every situation, visibility is a positive. For Elio Motors, the term “visibility” holds a double meaning. A significant piece to our overall vision has been to take our supporters and followers along on our journey to profoundly change the future of transportation. This journey has regularly included a look inside the process of bringing a groundbreaking new vehicle to market. Additionally, given our unique configuration, optimum visibility has been an important process in […]

Tech Talk

65,000 Reservations and Legislative Progress…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you had a tremendous week and are gearing up for an even better weekend. How does your bracket look? Not too good? We can sympathize. This year’s tournament has seen some of the favorites cruising toward the Final Four with some significant upsets in the mix. Even if you don’t win your pool, the NCAA tournament is still an excellent excuse to sit back, relax, and watch some basketball. […]


Legislative Progress Update

It can often seem that politics and common sense are two diametrically opposing forces. Even when common sense proves to be victorious, a rational legislative outcome can come at a snail’s pace. At Elio Motors, our vehicle and mission have proved to transcend political ideology. Whether your passion involves creating American jobs, reducing our national dependency on foreign oil, cutting carbon emissions, or providing affordable transportation to the masses, our vehicle is agreeable to any […]

Tech Talk

Wheel Fairings Answers!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Today is a very special Friday. Not only is it Friday (our favorite day of the week,) but it is also St. Patrick’s Day. The cherry on top is the full slate of basketball games in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully, at this point your bracket is still in relatively good shape. Yesterday did not provide many stunning upsets, so if you went with the favorites your bracket should be intact. Even if […]

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