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Pop-up Recap and More…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! There are quite a few aspects that make spring a wonderful time of year. For one, the days get progressively longer and the temperatures begin to rise. The increased sunshine leads to the blooming of trees and flowers, and the foliage transforms from an ugly brown to a hopeful green. When you add in the start of baseball season and the Easter holiday, you’ve got a winner. But, when you least expect […]


Suspension of Disbelief

Prior to the opening of a Hollywood blockbuster, a trailer is released.  The trailer gives the eager audience a glimpse at the final product and in most cases, this snippet is enough to whet the audience’s appetite until the entire production is released. For the most part, the thousands upon thousands of hours of work that go into creating the final product remain behind the proverbial curtain. Yet, some movie lovers want to see the […]

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Tire Talk and an Upcoming Event

  Happy Friday Elio’ers! Football season is over, but the other three major sports are in exciting stages. As far as baseball is concerned, the season is just beginning and every team has a chance. For the NBA and NHL, the marathon of the regular season has produced exciting first round matchups. There are other sports that can make up for the lack of football. The Masters took place last month and we’re entering peak […]


Where the Rubber Hits the Road…

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve likely noticed a “Made in America” movement. At Elio Motors, our mission is driven by the desire to engineer and design an American product and create American jobs. This is evidenced by the decision to build the vehicle in the USA, and the plan to employ 1,500 American workers at our production facility in Shreveport, Louisiana, with the goal of 90% North American content utilization. […]

Tech Talk

And Then There Were None…

Happy “Good” Friday Elio’ers! It’s safe to say that winter weather has finally faded into the rearview mirror. If you experience a freak snow storm, we’ll take the blame for jinxing the nice weather. For those celebrating a holiday this weekend, we hope that you have the best weather that spring can offer during your Easter holiday! Before we get to the weekend, we want to cover 3 recent Elio developments. And then there were […]

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