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Celebrating Independence

Happy Friday Elio’ers! What’s your favorite holiday that includes fireworks, backyard BBQ’s, and a celebration of freedom? We’re talking, of course, about everybody’s favorite holiday…Flag Day! But really, as long as you’re not a dog, the Fourth of July is a fantastic holiday. How ever you choose to celebrate, we hope that you take a little time to appreciate how fortunate to live in a free country that lets us celebrate however we see fit. […]


It’s Bigger Than Us…

Next week, the United States of America will celebrate its 241st year of independence. The Fourth of July inspires patriotism and reflection on what makes our country great. Patriotism takes many forms, from serving in our armed services to public service. For Elio Motors, being an American company is ingrained into our DNA and influences our direction and goals. American innovation is deeply embedded in the American story, and we aspire to continue this tradition […]

Tech Talk

Staying Informed- Blog Index

Happy Friday Elio’ers! With the Summer solstice taking place on Tuesday, we have officially made it to the summer season. It’s many people’s favorite season (count us as among summer’s biggest fans) and why not? There are so many different things you can do. If you like the outdoors, it’s a great time of year to play a round of golf, wander around on a nice walk, or take in a baseball game on a […]


No Paint, No Gain

From diehard gearhead to casual commuter, a vehicle’s paint is an important aspect to every kind of driver. The condition of the paint can tell you quite a bit about the driver, as well as the vehicle’s manufacturer. If the paint is in pristine condition, you can rightfully assume that both the driver and manufacturer take pride in the product. If the paint is chipped and weathered, the vehicle is likely an afterthought. At Elio […]

Tech Talk

SIL, Support, and More…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope you had a terrific week and are all ready to celebrate the weekend in style. This week, we have 3 important topics to cover: the upcoming SIL mailing, Father’s Day, and our updated Support system. Without further ado, let’s get to it! SIL It’s not as popular as LOL, FYI or FAQ, but SIL is pretty popular among Elio fans. In case you missed it, a Spot in Line (SIL) […]

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