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Covered, From Front to Back

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Everyone has a favorite time of year. With winter comes a variety of snow sports and the Holiday Season, spring inspires optimism and warmer weather, summer offers sunshine and backyard shindigs, and fall features the heart of football season and pumpkin spice everything (if you’re into that kind of thing.) We are officially a week into the fall season and you can count us among the millions of fall fans. Sure, the […]


Have It Your Way

American drivers spend enough time driving each day that their vehicles essentially act as a second residence. Since many Americans spend so much time commuting, the owner should be able to make the vehicle their own. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible for drivers to truly customize their own vehicles right off the lot. Currently, the automotive industry limits excessive inventory by offering option packages instead of allowing owners to purchase the individual options they want. We […]

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Odds and Ends Part 2

Happy Friday Elio’ers! In case you missed last week’s Friday blog we covered some vehicle topics that might not always get top billing, but are important nonetheless. We’ve covered a few of these topics before, but wanted to make sure our newer supporters are also in the know.  Last week, we answered questions regarding the Elio key, interior lighting, seating, and storage space. As is often the case, this blog created a number of questions […]


The Structure of the Elio

In many ways, a vehicle can be compared to the human body. Like the body, vehicles are made up of a variety of different components and systems working together to make one cohesive unit. Just as an engine can be likened to a heart, the frame can be compared to the bones. The body of the Elio is made up of steel, and today’s Momentum will take an in-depth look at the materials that make […]

Tech Talk

Odds and Ends…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for many Americans and we hope this blog finds everyone in the affected areas safe and with minimal impact. These storms have wreaked havoc, yet Americans are nothing if not resilient. It looks like the worst is in the rear view mirror and now is the time to pick up the pieces and rebuild. For those not affected by the storms, it’s important to remember […]

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