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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


The Next Generation of Affordable Transportation

In many respects, the 21st century seems to bear no resemblance to the 20th. As technology continues to grow at an exponential rate, we often wonder how everyday tasks were accomplished before the proliferation of the internet. Yet, the necessity of moving from Point A to Point B has remained a constant through the decades. This necessity demanded an affordable vehicle for the masses, and throughout the years two vehicles filled the void: the Ford […]

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2017 Blog Index

Happy Friday Elio’ers! It is truly a wonderful time of year: the lights, the gifts, the Holiday Spirit. Even the “grinchiest” among us seem to lighten up and enjoy the season. We know that this is a busy time of year, one filled with travel, shopping, and spending time with family and friends, so the next few blogs will be short, sweet, and to the point. 2017 has been a unique year. Almost all of […]


The Beauty of Simplicity

From the advent of the internet, everyday technology has progressed at breakneck speeds. Every few years, a new device or item presents itself as a game-changer. There is no denying that these developments have brought a litany of benefits, however there is significant evidence that many are ready to pump the brakes on this onslaught of technological progression. While a decade ago, e-readers purportedly changed the way we read, brick and mortar bookstores are thriving, […]

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Shreveport, Snow Tires, and More…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! First, a quick public service announcement: you have 17 days to finish (or start, as the case may be) your holiday shopping. A word to the wise, if you occasionally have to fight off procrastination, this may be a good time to start. Today’s Friday Blog will cover two topics: the status of our plant in Shreveport and a follow-up to last week’s blog regarding the Elio’s ability to drive in various […]

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