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The Intersection of Practicality and Innovation

Happy Friday Elio’ers! The holidays may be in the rearview mirror, but a new year and clean slate is right in front of us. The changing calendar evokes different emotions from different types of folks. For some, the uncertainty of anything new is inherently worrying; after all, there are no guarantees. For others, the future is filled with endless possibilities and limitless potential. We think that the Elio will ultimately meet both groups at the […]


Legislation Update and more

  You may have noticed that the Momentum has a new look. Our goal, in the new Momentum format, is to keep all of our supporters, fans and reservation holders informed on a number of fronts.    If you have an interest in engineering, industry trends, or general Elio Motors progress, we aim to provide you with valuable information. In the past, Momentum has covered one topic. Today, we will cover three: legislative progress, the […]

Tech Talk

Bring On 2018!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Today marks the first Friday of 2018, and we sincerely hope that you had a phenomenal holiday season. If you found it difficult to get back into the groove the past few days, it only means that you enjoyed the Holidays.  The past couple of weeks are intended to be enjoyed with the ones that mean the most while at the same time reflecting on the past year and looking forward to […]