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4 Reasons a “Green” Vehicle is Always in Style | Trending Topics


There are some trends that just do not stand the test of time. The mullet, parachute pants, and track suits, with the benefit of hindsight, look like poor fashion choices. Stylish trends are not limited to the fashion world, and almost all trends are products of their time. Take, for example, the Hummer. While the H2 might have been in vogue while gas prices were reasonable, when gas prices spiraled out of control in 2008, they were decidedly impractical and out of fashion. When it comes to fashion, white is out of style after Labor Day. When it comes to your vehicle, “green” is a timeless choice.




Here are a few reasons “green” vehicles will always remain in style:

  • A greener wallet

Gas prices are low today, but regardless of the price at the pump, a fuel-efficient vehicle can equate to major savings. According to the US Department of Transportation, the average American drives 16,550 miles a year. Let’s suppose an inefficient clunker gets 15 MPG while a fuel-efficient vehicle gets 42 MPG and gas is selling at $2.25 a gallon. In a clunker, the average American would spend $2,482 a year in gas. In a more fuel-efficient vehicle, that figure drops to under $900. In this scenario, the driver of a fuel-efficient vehicle saves over $1,500 a year when compared to the driver of a clunker. Gas may be inexpensive, but the savings offered by a fuel-efficient vehicle will remain significant.


  • Insuring value

Speaking of savings, a green vehicle acts as an effective insurance policy against rising gas prices. When gas prices started to spike, gas guzzlers became less desirable because of their poor gas mileage. Due to the volatility of gas prices, a fuel-efficient vehicle is a more attractive option when considering the resale value.


  • A friend to the environment

The Union of Concerned Scientists believes that “Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States.” Burning gasoline is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, and a fuel-efficient vehicle emits far fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than a clunker. Driving more fuel-efficient vehicles will have a significant positive impact on the planet.

  • Save money, save time

It always seems like there are not enough hours in the day. Time is a valuable asset, and driving a fuel-efficient vehicle can help save time. By staying on the road instead of having to frequently fill up, drivers of fuel-efficient vehicles can save precious time, not to mention the temptations of junk food at the gas station.

There’s no way to predict what will be fashionable in the future. Prior to sky-high gas prices, gas guzzlers were in-demand before quickly becoming expensive burdens. In the automotive industry, vehicle features and styles change quickly. The best way to stay in style, while also saving money and time, is to keep it “green” with a fuel-efficient vehicle.

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