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A Nation of Innovation- The Importance of American Entrepreneurs | Trending Topics

Entrepreneurs are not ordinary people. They have both a vision that can change the world and the drive and tenacity to make that vision come to fruition. At its core, the United States is a nation created and driven by entrepreneurs and that innovative spirit is ingrained in our national DNA. believes that the American entrepreneurial spirit is disappearing. For the United States to remain a country that drives innovation, we need to reverse this trend.

The history of the United States is full of examples that showcase the American entrepreneurial spirit. The founding fathers, in their way, were entrepreneurs. They possessed an uncompromising vision of what a nation should be and they had the resolve to found a country that would forever transform the world. Entrepreneurs such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs have all exhibited this innovative spirit and our country would look much different without their drive to make a difference.


Entrepreneurs often have humble beginnings. For example, Steve Jobs famously started Apple Computers in a garage. While the road to success for a startup can be perilous, their importance cannot be overstated. Startups create more jobs at a quicker pace than established companies. According to Forbes, “65% of the net new jobs are created by small businesses, while 1 million jobs are cut each year by large corporations.” Additionally, a study conducted by the Kauffman Foundation found that “net job growth occurs in the U.S. economy only through startup firms.”

Not only are American entrepreneurs crucial to the United States, the Financial Times believes they are essential to the global economy. According to the Financial Times, “Entrepreneurs drive innovation — often much more quickly than established competitors. Successful entrepreneurs, by definition, have figured out a way to do things better. They have challenged the status quo, asked tough questions and competed with established businesses. When an entirely new industry is created, the odds are that an entrepreneur is responsible.”

The need for American entrepreneurs has never before been so crucial. Forbes has found that the United States’ role in the global economy is shrinking at an alarming pace. The question becomes, what can we do to fix it. Forbes believes “The first step is to improve our economy. We have to create an environment that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit.” One way to cultivate this spirit is through the revitalization of American manufacturing. By increasing American manufacturing output, not only do we improve the trade deficit, but we re-establish the United States as the thought leaders in the global economy.

The product of the American entrepreneurial spirit is ubiquitous in everyday life. The car you drive, the device you are using to access this article, and the freedoms you enjoy are all the end result of this spirit. The American entrepreneurial spirit has changed the world, and for that to continue, we need to actively support innovators and entrepreneurs.



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