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A new “must have” tech option for your Elio! | Elio Momentum v75

Making your Driving Experience Smarter and Safer

When many of us were kids, we dreamed of being behind the controls of a jet. The thought of slicing through the clouds in a sleek, powerful airplane was enough to provide for endless hours of imaginative entertainment. The idea isn’t just limited to childhood fantasy – the idea of being behind the controls of an aircraft like a fighter jet is still attractive in adulthood. Unfortunately, the qualifications for being a fighter jet pilot are pretty restrictive, as even the slightest variation in eyesight can be a disqualifier. While a tiny percentage of us will ever pilot a jet, the feeling is still attainable. At Elio Motors, our unique two-seater, with front to back seat configuration, already allows the driver to feel that they are in the cockpit of a jet. With iSCOUT Heads Up Display (HUD) from Spade Tech, which is a new available feature in our configurator, the feeling of piloting a jet is more attainable than ever before.

What exactly is a HUD? It’s best defined as a display of instrument readings in an aircraft or vehicle that can be seen without lowering the eyes, typically through being projected onto the windshield or visor.

Before being introduced to the automotive world, a HUD was exclusively used by jet pilots as it would remove the need for pilots who were traveling at speeds over 500 MPH to look at their control gauges, as now the information would digitally appear on their front windshield. The technology has been used for military applications for years, with some simple applications being used prior to World War II.

Driving an Elio with a HUD can make you feel a bit like you’re behind the controls of a jet and will help make your driving experience smarter and safer by connecting wirelessly from your own personal device to your Elio. For the Elio, one feature that will be much appreciated in the ultimate commuter vehicle is that iSCOUT’s navigation will allow you to get live traffic feeds and will update you on the speed limit, keeping your speed in check as you ride in the HOV lane.


View all the information you need as a transparent virtual image.

Accept or reject incoming calls with hand gestures.
If you plug in your destination on your smartphone at the beginning of the trip, the HUD will seamlessly, and without distraction, display the step by step navigation on your windshield, guiding you to your destination. And, with the HUD’s lane change assist, you’ll not only reach your destination efficiently, but safely.

Spade Tech’s iSCOUT HUD is one example of how Elio Motors is using a new approach to offering vehicle options. Instead of loading up a ‘base’ model with expensive, often unused or needed technology or forcing our customers to purchase exorbitant option packages, our ePlus: My Elio. My Way., mass personalization program allows customers to choose only the options they want in their Elio. This makes it even more appealing given our customers can bring their vehicles back to our Elio Motors owned and operated Retail Centers and add options after they’ve taken delivery. This approach enables Elio Motors’ customers to keep up with the latest tech options without being required to pay for option package prices.

In-vehicle technology is evolving at an astonishing rate. Every year, a new must-have tech item seems to hit the shelves. Spade Tech’s iSCOUT HUD is a prime example of some of the exciting new technology that is now available. Unfortunately for many, the only way to get such in-vehicle technology is with an expensive options package. With Elio Motors’ ePlus: My Elio. My Way. and the iSCOUT HUD, the Elio can make you feel like you’re flying a jet, without feeling the sting of jet fuel prices.

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