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And we’re off!

We are off to a great start in 2014 with our first event in the books, and it was a HUGE success!  The Elio team spent this week in Las Vegas at an event called ShowStoppers CES 2014.  We talked about it here last week.  It was basically a cool event with a lot of cool products.   The best thing about the show – We were the Star!  It was amazing how much attention we received from this highly technology centered media group.  Our CEO Paul Elio did over 15 on camera interviews alone!  PC World, Mac World, Gizmag and many many more have done articles featuring Elio Motors.  Here are a couple links for you to check out: ; Gizmag.

DSCF2941-use2 DSCF2924-use

This is the smallest of the three events we have scheduled to kick off the year.  It was a great night and exceeded our expectations in a big way.  We are now off to Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona now for one of the largest auction events in the world.  The momentum continues to build!

Here are a couple pictures from the build of the new prototype, P4.  The prototype team continues to move ahead on schedule and the next Elio prototype is taking shape!  Let’s take a look at what is happening in the shop.  You can see the lines of the body coming to life!  The pictures show the interaction between the hood and the in-boarded headlight pretty well along with the aggressive front end.  You can tell that things are coming together for next weeks reveal…

photo 19 photo 20

Does anyone want to see the last piece of the puzzle?  Oh, OK, then maybe next week.


Today is the final piece of the CAD drawing, the rear of the vehicle.  This area changed a little bit, so let’s take a look:


The first change is with top line of the vehicle.  We extended it further back for two main reasons:  aerodynamics, it creates a slippery line for the air to follow and it creates more room in the storage area.  We also think that it looks great!  The rear of the vehicle has been made more “fastback” in look and feel.  The look was created by squaring off the sides and back.  The square sides creates a clean break for the airflow coming down the body and creates significantly less turbulence.  Less turbulence = better gas mileage.  The changes back here are not significant unto themselves but really tie the entire vehicle together.

Here is how the entire vehicle looks in a single CAD drawing.  Pretty sweet!

Elio_MULE4_SIDE_DRWGNext week is Barrett Jackson and the reveal at Sundance in Park City, Utah.  We will not make you all go there to see it, we will share it here and on the website on Friday!

Another big week ahead for Elio, stay tuned!

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