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Another Milestone

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Before we get to the heart of this week’s Friday Blog, we want to give a huge shout out to the victorious American Ryder Cup team. In case you don’t know, we’ll set the scene. The Ryder Cup is an international golf tournament which pits the elite golfers from the United States against Europe’s best. The chances for the American team didn’t look great, as they hadn’t taken the cup home since 2008. The Ryder Cup is a match play event, which makes teamwork vitally important to a team’s success. Playing in Minnesota, the U.S. team emerged victorious, a fitting tribute to one of the great all-time golfers, Arnold Palmer. After the 2016 Summer Olympics, it’s official: the U.S. is on a roll. Congratulations to the Red, White, and Blue!


Speaking of working as a team, Elio Motors has recently reached an important milestone. This past week, we have crossed the 60,000 total reservation mark. This milestone was only possible due to the solid teamwork and our incredible reservation holders.

To put that 60,000 total reservations in perspective. Elio Motors’ reservation holders…

…could fill more than 3 Madison Square Gardens!

…In Chicago could almost fill Soldier Field to capacity. That’s allowing for some no-shows, but with the way the Bears are playing this year…

… could see the Beatles play Shea Stadium in 1965. 4,400 Elio’ers could sit it out if they were bigger fans of the Rolling Stones.

….would make up the population of the American colonies in 1641.

Well, you get the idea. You may be thinking, why is it important? Not only is 60,000 total reservations a milestone, it also represents less time for “All In” reservation holders to lock in their reservation. “All-In” reservation holders can lock in their base price until we reach 65,000 total reservations. So, “All In” reservation holders can:

  1. Make a binding commitment to purchase and lock in their base price at $7,000*


  1. Take no action and the price will be set at a $7,300* base price. When we reach the 65,000 total reservation mark, the lock in offer ends.

If you have been wanting to make an “All In” reservation and want to lock in your price while there’s still time, here’s the link. If you already have an “All In” reservation and want to make the binding commitment and lock in your price at $7,000, here’s the link. If you have a refundable reservation and want to convert it to “All In” so you can lock in your price, click here. But remember, less than 4,858 reservations remain to lock in your base price.


We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our reservation holders who have allowed us to reach this milestone. But, while we are grateful, we are nowhere near finished. We will continue to work every day to accomplish our goals. We want to see an Elio in every neighborhood, on every street corner, and cruising along on HOV lanes all across the country!

Elio Preview Tour:

October 1-9 Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta – Balloon Fiesta Park – MONITOR CLOSELY FOR CHANGES/UPDATES!! ( Day/Times:

Fri 6am-6pm – Sat 6am-6pm – Sun 6am-11am – TIMES AND EVENT SUBJECT TO WEATHER (Rain or high winds mean events cancelled)

P4 Event


Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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