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Answers to This Week’s Questions

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We have two different messages to two different cities. First, to Cleveland, please accept our sincere condolences. You fought valiantly, right down to the 10th inning of game 7. To the city of Chicago, and Cubs fans around the world, a huge congratulations! Chicago Cubs fans have suffered good-naturedly for 108 years and were finally rewarded with a World Series victory on Wednesday night. The Curse of the Goat was finally broken, and based on the reaction from Cubs fans across the country, it looks like it was worth the wait! It’s great to see that America’s pastime is alive and well. Thanks to both teams for an incredible World Series!


We get tons and tons of questions from many different channels, at times more than 1,000 a day! Some are from folks who were completely new to Elio. How can we tell? There are questions like how many wheels, does it have seat belts, what kind of engine is in there, etc. For those folks, click on this link for all of the basics and visit the website for some Elio 101. The other questions can vary from complex to making us wonder if the person is trying to make their own Elio! Here are the most common questions from the last couple of days:

What are the details of the Elio engine?

The 3 cylinder Elio engine is an inline, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, interference engine. We are using a timing belt to optimize the engine’s reliability. Not only that, our engine is designed with sequential fuel injection to deliver the fuel, which helps improve our gas mileage!

Why not just offer all Elios with leather seats? Wouldn’t that be more cost effective?

One of our main goals is to keep the base price of the Elio as low as we possibly can. To keep costs down, cloth seats will come standard in the Elio. Will leather seats still be available? Absolutely! The way we offer options, which we call ePlus: My Elio, My Way, our customers will be able to pick just the options they want and not have to pay for expensive option packages. Everybody wins!

I’m in Canada. Can I make a reservation for an Elio?

No, right now we are only accepting reservations from the US residents.

Before we head into the weekend, we wanted to give our fans a heads up. There’s never a dull moment at Elio Motors, but we’ve got some really exciting stuff on the horizon. We won’t get into too much detail just yet, but for now let’s just say that the LA Auto Show in a couple of weeks will feature something pretty awesome. Last year we unveiled the P5 at the show. Will this year be even more exciting? You’ll just have to see for yourself…


Elio Preview Tour:


Thanks as always for your support!

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