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Battery Answers and Pop-Up Info!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Do the phrases “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” and “The Run for the Roses” ring a bell? In case you are out of the loop, the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby will take place tomorrow. The Kentucky Derby is a thrilling event and an enduring tradition. This got us to thinking, why is it that engines and horses would ever be compared? Initially, horsepower was used to compare the productivity of steam engines in comparison to draft horses. Even as horses became obsolete for production purposes, the equation remains to this day. Regardless, horse power will definitely be on display tomorrow!

This week’s Friday Blog is going to cover two topics: pop-up events and questions that came in following this week’s Momentum.


As you might know, we recently had a pop-up event in Pontiac, Michigan. The attendance was incredible and we sincerely appreciate the support. At this stage in the mission, all our focus is on getting the Elio into production, which means that our vehicles are in high demand for use in funding meetings and engineering events. When we get a break in this schedule in conjunction with one of these events, we will work to make the E1c available to our supporters when the schedule permits. The timing of these events may not be as long as we would like in some cases but we will absolutely let you know. Based on the reaction to the Pontiac pop-up event, we will do everything we can to schedule more events in the future. When we can find a break in the schedule, we will give notice on our website, Facebook page, and email!

As always, whenever we talk about the vehicle, our inquisitive supporters have great questions. This week’s Momentum took a look at the Elio’s battery and its location. Here are the most common questions that have come in.

Is the location of the battery safe?

Simply put, yes. The improvements we have made to the vehicle, while keeping our mileage, price, and American-made goals in mind, must be safe. Based on the simulations and tests we have conducted the battery is indeed in a safe position.

Why did you choose to go with a metal tray?

We chose to use a metal tray because our engineers believe it is the strongest and most durable option. In the past, the acid from batteries was a major concern. Now, as most batteries are sealed, this is not much of a concern. Additionally, the tray is a carryover part which saves money on R & D as well as in tooling.

Why did you choose to go with a large battery?

Great question! First, the cranking amps that we mentioned in the Momentum ensure that our vehicle will start in low-power situations. Secondly, through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option system, the opportunities for power consuming options are limitless. One of the great things about our vehicle is the choice to personalize. If all you need is a vehicle with everything you need to get you from point A to point B, we have you covered. If you want to cruise from points A to B with the latest and greatest technology, we’ve got you covered there as well.

As always, thanks for your support!

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