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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas | Elio Motors Tour

Attendees needed a seat belt for this years Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas event.  It was one-heck-of-a-ride!  Bidders brought the house down over an original 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback that found a new home for $357,500.  It’s not always about muscle though.  A 1976 AMC Pacer (from the movie “Wayne’s World”) broke records when it sold for an “excellent” $37,400, complete with the infamous licorice dispenser and mismatched wheels.  If that’s still a little above your price range, we have you covered.  There’s a cool looking 3-wheeler that tops out at over 100 MPH that’s sure to find its way into your garage at a set $7,300* base price.  Of course, bragging rights already belonged to the guys who were seen sporting an Elio t-shirt at the event.  We grabbed a few of them to share with you:


Discovery Channel en Espanol dropped in to share the details about the Elio with their audience.



Chris from Des Moines was the first to be seen in the newest Elio t-shirt.  He first saw the Elio online, loved it, and says he’ll have his equipped with the retro fenders and wheels, and an automatic transmission.  Note: (matching shoe laces optional).


Richard (with his wife Penny) from Orange County, is a soccer referee with games all over south L.A.  He loves the up to 84 MPG and the fact that his ref bag will fit nicely in the back.  “It’s just so cool!”.


Harvey #18534 from Henderson, NV says: “I’m all for America first and that’s why I love this company!”  We couldn’t agree more Harvey!

A big thanks to all the new faces who came by to say “Hello” and visit with their future Elio.  We love hearing your stories and look forward to seeing more of our fans at our next public event.

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