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Happy Friday Elio family and fans! It’s a great time of year to be a sports fan. Hope springs eternal as the Major League Baseball season has begun and the venerable Masters golf tournament is taking place this weekend. Here at Elio Motors, we are blessed to have a fantastic fan base, and our fans crave any and all Elio Motors information! In an attempt to make this information as easily accessible as possible, we occasionally provide a Friday Blog Index. In case you missed it, here are the links to Blog Index I and Blog Index II.

We have had a ton of exciting developments since August 7th, 2015, and we have categorized each Friday blog below:


Exterior and Engine

A Peek Inside the E1 Testing 8-21-15

The First Pictures of the Elio Engine in the P5 9-25-15

More P5! 10-2-15

Come Along on the Journey 10-23-15

P5- Are you ready? 11-13-15

The P5 is Here! 11-20-15

P5 in Action 12-11-15



More P5! 10-2-15

Come Along on the Journey 10-23-15

P5- Are you ready? 11-13-15


The Business of Elio

 Moving Forward- Reg A+ 8-28-15

Elio Motors’ Focus on Safety 1-8-16

Get Ready for the Snow! 1-22-16

Elio Motors ePlus! 3-25-16



Elio Reservation Holders Map 2-19-16

“BlogLight” on California! 3-4-16

“Bloglight”on Washington 3-18-16



Spreading the Elio Message 10-9-15

Did You Hear?? 11-6-15

In Case You Missed These 12-4-15

ICYMI- Detroit NAIAS 1-15-16

A Star is Born 1-29-16

ICYMI- Big Week 2-26-16

Friday Catch-up 3-11-16



#NeverForget 9-11-15

A Guest Post by Motley Fool 9-18-15

The Blog Hits 100! 10-30-15

Top 3 Questions Answered 10-16-15

Facts from Fiction 12-18-15

No Foolin’- An Elio Roadtrip! 4-1-16


Elio Preview Tour

April 8-10  Barrett – Jackson, Palm Beach, FL – South Florida Fairgrounds – 9067 Southern Blvd West Palm Beach, Florida

Friday- Sunday: 8 AM- Auction Close: P5 Event

Thanks for your support and have a tremendous weekend!

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