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Elio – The Answer

Happy Friday Elio friends and family.  The summer presses on and each day we get closer to making the next big thing in transportation, the Elio! You found us so you know that the blog has been moved and is now hosted on  The move allows us to do more and makes it easier for people to find us.  Please take a minute and follow this blog, even if you already do, just to […]

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Yes We Can – 7-4-14

Happy Friday Elio’ers and Happy Fourth of July!  We hope you had a chance to spend today with friends and family and are getting ready to take in your favorite fireworks display.  The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is the official date of the birth of our amazing country and we hope you are able to celebrate it with fervor and zeal. Independence Day rings true to Elio Motors in a number of important ways. […]

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Money in Your Pocket – 6-27-14

  Happy Friday Elio Friends and Family!  We had another great week this week as we had a chance to show off the P3 at the CES show in New York City.  We talked to a lot of journalists that loved your Elio and who will be doing articles/blogs/videos about us in the coming days.  Spreading the word on a national stage, great fun! Speaking of great fun, have you had the chance to sit down and […]

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Comment Reply Friday II – 6/20/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  Friday is the best day of the week, and do you know why?  Yep, Elio blog day!  OK, maybe there are other reasons, but we can dream right?!  Here at Elio Motors we believe in the credo that “the only dumb question is the one that is not asked” which is why we will continue to do Comment Reply Friday to make sure we address the questions on your minds.  The challenge here […]

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In Case You Missed It – 6-13-14

Happy Friday Elio friends, fans and family!  In this week’s blog we are going to answer a couple of popular questions and share the great coverage we have received over the last couple of weeks.  Here are the three most popular questions from the Customer Experience Team from this week: 1.)  I didn’t pick my color or transmission with my reservation, why not? Reservation holders will place their actual vehicle order approximately 2 months before we manufacture your […]

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Some Free Stuff for You – 6/6/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers.  We had another great week in the constant progress toward making the next big thing in transportation. Not sure if you saw this or not, but we got some huge coverage this week that has really helped spread the word.  As a start-up you are in an unpredictable spot when it comes to media coverage; create as many opportunities as possible and when they come up, do them!  Media outlets pick us and we […]

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