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“Bloglight” on Arizona!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! It may not be football season quite yet, but if you love sports in general, you can rejoice at the fact that the 2016 Olympics kicks off with the Opening Ceremony tonight! This Summer Olympics promises to be an interesting one. A record number of countries are participating this year- 10,500 participants from 206 countries. From Judo to archery to synchronized swimming, there’s something for everyone to love. While we’d like to wish good luck to all of the participants, we admit to being a little biased. U-S-A, U-S-A!

As you can tell, we’re patriotic and will always root for the USA. One of the main drivers of the project is a commitment to build an American-made vehicle here in the United States. Our headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Every so often, we like to take a look at different states in what we like to call a “Bloglight.” This week, we’ll stay right here in the Grand Canyon State!

Arizonians have been incredibly receptive and many of our die-hard fans hail from the great state. Arizona might not be the largest state in the Union, but we have an impressive number of reservation holders in the area- over 2,300! Some of our earliest reservation holders are from Arizona, and our tour stops in the state routinely rank among the best-attended events. Check out the map below to get an idea of where our friends from Arizona reside:



Arizona was one of the first states to adopt an autocycle designation, which means you can drive the Elio without a helmet and with your regular driver’s license. We want to offer a sincere thank you to all of our supporters in the Grand Canyon State- we are proud to call our headquarters in Arizona home!

Here are a few fun facts about Arizona

Who needs Hollywood? – Indiana Jones, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, and Casablanca were all filmed at least partially in the state.

No need for a snow shovel– the most it’s ever snowed in Phoenix was an inch, way back in 1937.

Sunshine to spare– Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings time, probably because we have already get plenty of rays throughout the year .

Penny for your thoughts– Arizona produces more copper than all other states put together. The roof of the State Capitol has enough copper to make 4.8 million pennies.

Preview Tour:

Colorado Springs, CO – Tiny House Jamboree – United States Air Force Academy Campus – Times: Fri – Sun – 9 am-6 pm – P4 event

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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