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“BlogLight” on California!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! A couple of weeks ago we wrote the blog “Elio Reservation Holders Map” which showed reservation holders by state (and the District of Columbia). We are excited about the buzz created on social media and the thoughts/questions we received. Thank you.

There was a common thread to a lot of the feedback: Can you tell me who and where the other Elio owners are in my neighborhood/town/city/area/zip code etc.? We realize that we created that with the discussion about looking at the reservation holders in our area, but, unfortunately, the detailed reservation holder information is not available to the public. We took a peek to see what it looked like and were very careful to stay within our privacy policy.

With that cleared up, we do want to continue to share information about reservation holders and where they are through something we have used in the past that we called a “BlogLight.” The first one was done on one of our favorite places and home to our manufacturing plant, Louisiana, back in November 2014. This week we are doing a “BlogLight” on our largest single reservation holder state, California.


California Elio Reservation Holders

The state of California holds a special place in Elio Motors’ heart in that it has been our single largest state for reservation holders almost since the very beginning. Over 5,800 people in the state have really embraced the fuel efficiency, the environmental friendliness, the operating cost opportunities, the safety of the Elio and really, the entire vision and mission of Elio Motors. The state government also sees the value in the Elio Motors vehicle type and style with clear and supportive laws in place for the Elio (no helmet, regular driver’s license, HOV able). We have high expectations for California moving forward as an Elio state!


Central California Detail

Random California facts:

  • California has the highest mountain peak in the lower 48 states with Mount Whitney at 14,495 feet. Strangely enough, it is about 100 miles from the lowest point in the continental US, Bad Water in Death Valley, which is -282 feet.
  • More turkeys (the birds) are raised in California than any other state in the US
  • San Bernardino County is the largest county in the country at almost 3,000,000 acres
  • The state motto is Eureka! which translated from Greek means “I have found it!.” Some say that it has to do with the gold rush, we are thinking it may be that they found the Elio!
  • It is supposedly illegal to shoot jackrabbits from the back of a streetcar in San Diego. Good thing huh?
  • California has 394,787 “lane miles” in the state, second only to Texas.

Southern California Detail

If you were to go from the Oregon border to the border of Mexico on Interstate 5, you would be in California for 797 miles on the same road in the same state. In an Elio, that drive would take just over a tank of gas, 9.48 gallons, at the targeted 84 MPG highway and take an estimated 11 hours 57 minutes. That would cost under $23.00 today with the average cost of gas in California of $2.42/gallon.

We are excited about California as Californians are about the Elio!

Elio Preview Tour:

March 6: Shreveport Hilton/Convention Center – 104 West Market Street, Shreveport, LA Time: 12 pm – 7 pm (Free Event)

Thank you for your continued support

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