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“Bloglight” on Louisiana

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  Nineteen shopping days left, are you ready?  We have a great gift idea for you… in case you missed it!  It could be the best holiday gift of 2014.  We may be a little biased, just maybe.

Before we get started on this week’s topic, we wanted to let you know about a change we are making to improve our mailing list and to help you receive the Elio information that you would like to see. In the next month you will be receiving an email from us which will allow you to choose what information you want to receive from Elio Motors in regards to mailings. So you will be able to choose from our content/informational emails (Tech Talk, Blog, Preview Tour), promotions, vehicle transaction emails (Important for all reservation holders, this is how you will get the notification about how to order your vehicle and other important reservation holder information), and maybe a couple more options.  Look for it in the next month, it will go out to everyone on our mailing list, reservation holders and those of you that haven’t made one yet.

So, what do you know about Louisiana?  One thing you should know for sure is that it is near and dear to our heart as the state for the Elio Motors manufacturing facility. What else do you know?  Did you know:  LA became our 18th state in 1812. It is one of two states in the country (Alaska) that don’t use “counties”  instead utilizing the term Parish (we are in the Caddo Parish!). Baton Rouge is the state capital, and New Orleans is the largest city with almost 400,000 people.   The state animal is the alligator. Scary fact, the largest alligator ever caught in the state was 19′ 2″!  That is over 5′ longer than the Elio! Wow.

Location of Elio Reservation Holders in Louisiana (note one pin can equal up to 30 reservations)

Location of Elio Reservation Holders in Louisiana (each pin represents from 1 to 25 reservations)

There are 4.6 million people that call Louisiana home, which puts them right in the middle at number 25 in the USA.  LA is one of the top states for Elio reservation holders too!  We have A LOT of reservation holders here, it is a top 10 state for Elio, with the vast majority “All In”.  Louisianans hold a whopping 26 of the top 100 places in line too! Thank you for the fantastic support.

What will Elio bring to the state? We plan on bringing significant positive economic impact to Shreveport, Caddo Parish and Louisiana.  We have committed to directly hiring 1,500 people at the plant when we kick off manufacturing which would make us a top 15 employer in the area (top 10 for public companies).  Additionally, those direct jobs could create over 2,000 indirect jobs in the area (service and support, suppliers etc.) which will be fantastic for the local economy as well.  Creating jobs where there were none obviously helps people get to work and contribute.  Jobs also add to the local tax base. These jobs will also relieve significant burden on the unemployment system as well as put money in the economy for other business to grow with too.  This is the perfect win-win-win:  We get highly skilled employees, they get quality jobs, and the local economy grows. We are excited to be part of your state!

This week on The Elio Preview Tour:

December 5-7 – Charlotte, North Carolina – SouthPark Mall – Mall Hours – P4 show

December 12-14 – Raleigh, North Carolina, Location to be announced early next week – P4 show

Thanks for your continued support!

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