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“Bloglight” on Michigan and More!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! This time of year is bittersweet. On the one hand, summer is coming to an end. On the other, it’s still a fantastic time of year. Temperatures around the country are beginning to dip into comfortable numbers, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and football has returned to the field and to our living rooms. Of course, it’s an election year, so political commercials are running at an obnoxious rate, but you can’t win ‘em all. We hope you have some fun weekend plans to enjoy the last weekend of the summer. In this week’s blog, we will take a look at a state that is very near and dear to our heart, Michigan!

While our headquarters is located in Arizona and our manufacturing plant is in Louisiana, Michigan is our engineering home. Many Elio Motors engineering employees reside in the state, as do many members of our blue-chip supplier base. Guardian, Rousch, Continental, RedDOT, as well as Berline, our advertising agency, are just a few of our many superior supplier partners that hail from the great state of Michigan. Additionally, our Pilot Operations Center, where we are assembling our E-Series vehicles, is housed in Livonia, which is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Detroit.

Here are some fun facts about the Great Lakes State:

They don’t call it the Motor City for nothing

Detroit is one of the most important automotive centers of the world. The Big 3 (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler) are all located in the area. Even the local sports team names give a nod to the Motor City’s status. The Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings both pay homage to the city’s rich automotive history.

Presidential Pedigree

President Gerald Ford grew up in Grand Rapids, and was an accomplished athlete playing football for the Michigan Wolverines.

North of the Border

Detroit is the only American city in the continental United States that you can drive south to get to Canada!

Gone Fishin’

When you’re in the great state of Michigan, you are never farther than 6 miles from a river or lake. You are also never farther than 85 miles from a Great Lake.

Esteemed Alumnus

Elio Motors founder and CEO Paul Elio received his degree from Kettering University, which at the time was known as General Motors Institute (GMI).

Speaking of the great state of Michigan, in case you missed this week’s Momentum, we talked about our new HVAC supplier RedDOT and the fact that the E1-D is currently in transit from our Pilot Operations Center in Livonia to the RedDot headquarters to begin testing! Here’s a photo of the E1-D being loaded into the truck.


If you’ve ever packed up your children as they leave for their first day of school, you know the feeling! And no, that’s not the P4. Same Creamsicle color, different vehicle. The E-Series vehicles will come in all of our colors. This way, we can test the colors as well to see what works best. Two birds, one stone! Please stay tuned, as we will keep you updated with more exciting E-Series news.

And since it’s the last Friday of the summer, how about a bonus video!


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