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Bring on 2017!


Happy New Year from Elio Motors. This year will be an exciting year of continued progress for our company. We say “our”, because without your support, whether you are a shareholder, reservation holder or a passionate fan, you are the main reason for our continued success. This company has been built by the people, and is unique in our approach to this enormous challenge.

Recently our CEO was attributed to several quotes with statements on the company’s financial health by small news entities and blogs. They are not direct quotes from our CEO. They were taken from our financial statements, which are public reports that include standard risk statements and disclaimers. They are designed to communicate the various risk factors for investing in a start-up company and are part of thousands of reports submitted each quarter by public companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


The status of our company and our progress has always been predicated on funding, which is true for all start-up companies, not just Elio Motors. It requires significant investment to build a company of this size, and we have accomplished countless milestones along our journey including:

  • Over 63,600 reservations for our revolutionary vehicle
  • Eight Prototypes and Engineering vehicles
  • Securing and engaging a world class supplier team
  • Taking the company from private to publicly traded
  • Secured a factory to build our vehicle in Shreveport, LA
  • Engineering, design and soft tooling for production of the revolutionary Elio
  • Compiled a strong board of directors and leadership team
  • Shovel ready to create over 20,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • State by state legislation victories for autocycles
  • Manufacturers agreeing to move production and manufacturing jobs from overseas to the US and our plant

These are just a sampling of the milestones we have reached on our way to production.

Our goal is to achieve our “must haves” by creating an ultra-low cost, ultra high-mileage, safe vehicle in the US – made by American workers. We work every day to secure subsequent funding, develop the vehicle further and help spread the word of Elio. We are willing and prepared to do whatever it takes to make Elio Motors successful.

That is what America is about, we meet our challenges, overcome, and never quit!

Thank you again for your continued support!

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