Rocket Fuel

FORBES – Elio Sets Price For 83-MPG Car, Gives Discounts

Forbes writes, “[Elio Motors] has both locked in the vehicle’s starting price and has begun […]

FORTUNE – Elio Motors Offers $7,000 Pre-Orders for Three-Wheeled ‘Autocycle’

FORTUNE writes of Elio Motors’ progress towards production by establishing a locked in base model […]

ROAD / SHOW by, CNET – You can buy one of Elio’s three-wheeled ‘cars’ for $7,000*

Elio Motors is hoping to shake up the auto industry with Elio, its three-wheeled “car” […]

Crowdfund Insider- The SEC Has Qualified 48 Reg A+ Offers for About $840 Million

According to Crowdfund Insider, Regulation A+ “has become a viable path for both established firms […]

Wall Street Journal- Few Small Businesses Take Advantage of Mini-IPOs

Regulation A+ has the potential to revolutionize the way companies raise capital. The Wall Street […]

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