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Elio Motors and BASF: What’s Your Color?

Buying a vehicle is an exciting experience. When you relate your newest purchase to a friend or family member, their first question is almost inevitably “What color did you get?” And why not; choosing a color is an expression of your individuality. From conservative to flashy, muted to loud, the color of a vehicle can be a window of your personality to the world. At Elio Motors, we understand the importance of a vehicle’s paint and finish. Earlier this week, we were proud to announce that BASF, a world-class enterprise, will be our official supplier of paints, coatings, and finishes. BASF’s expertise and our head-turning color offerings make for a perfect partnership.

BASF’s expertise spans a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energy and resources, chemicals, and of course, automotive paint and coatings. The company is no stranger to our manufacturing facility in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. BASF called Shreveport home for almost thirty years and their handiwork can be seen on the Chevrolet Colorado and Hummer H3. Our plant will utilize a single high capacity paint booth. The same expertise that BASF lent to General Motors will now be utilized by Elio Motors.

Our vehicle demands attention for a myriad of reasons beyond our sleek design and unique configuration. We will offer seven distinct, unique color options: True Blue, Red Hot, Sour Apple, Rocket Silver, Creamsicle, Marshmallow, and Licorice. BASF understands the distinctive Elio Motors spectrum and is uniquely qualified to provide for our needs.

How did we come to our final conclusion regarding our color selections? Through both deliberation and research, it became clear that offering seven colors served two important purposes. Our seven standard colors cover more than 94% of total vehicle sales in North America. For Elio Motors’ customers who want a rare color, we will offer vehicle wraps through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. This ensures that regardless of color choice, our customers will be able to drive the Elio in their desired color.

Additionally, our seven color options allow for savings that are ultimately passed down to Elio Motors’ customers. From the plant, our vehicles will be shipped with one of our seven colors and one of our transmission options (manual or optional AMT.) Fewer potential combinations mean saved inventory costs for Elio Motors, which results in a more affordable vehicle for our customers.

BASF is a world-class company which represents a major asset in our mission of building a world-class vehicle. BASF’s mastery of paint, coating, and finish in conjunction with Elio Motors’ head turning color spectrum will make for an even more exciting answer to the question “What color did you get?”

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