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Colorado Springs | Elio Motors Tour

If you haven’t stumbled upon a featured “Tiny House” on any home improvement channel, it’s just a matter of time.  Tiny homes are popping up everywhere by those who are desiring a simpler, “greener,” more socially conscious way of life.  “Tiny living” is unconventional, creative, and flies in the face of “bigger is better.”   Folks today have become resourceful in their pairing down.  They’ve said “good-bye” to huge bank loans, and “hello” to the call of the open road (or open field, or mountain vista, or ocean sunsets).  Basically, anywhere your tires will take you.  This weekend in Colorado Springs, the Tiny House Jamboree was packed with over 50 tiny homes and 30,000 like-minded folks who clearly appreciated the virtues of fuel economy, coupled with a clever design and low sticker price.   Of course the chatter evolved around “all the places you can go with your tiny house and your Elio!”  We couldn’t agree more. :)





Nathan (#3354) Michelle, Nathellia and Briella came from Casper, WY to try their Elio on for size.  “It just makes sense and fits with our way of living.  Its definitely worth waiting for.”


Leonard (#13739) from Aurora, CO demonstrating the Elio WAVE.


Bob arrived in his head-turning italian sportscar, just to take a closer look at his other (a-hem) “Italian” traffic stopper.  Yep, the name ELIO is Italian, but we are most definitely made in the USA!


Hillary (#19344) from Pueblo, CO couldn’t help but fall in love with the Elio’s looks and price.  Coming from a guy who’s last car was a Fiero, we think he picked a worthy replacement.

We want to thank all the beautiful people who braved the unpredictable weather to see the Elio.  Our next stop is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise showcasing the P5.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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