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The picture is getting clearer… in less than two weeks!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Did you hear the news? This week we announced the P5 with the Elio powertrain will be revealed to the world at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19th. How cool is that? Even though that was a rhetorical question, we can answer it – it’s so cool! Hopefully this makes everyone as excited as it does the entire Elio team.

So we decided that over the next two blogs we will go back to the beginning of the P5 process and take everyone (at a highlight level) through the development of this major milestone for Elio Motors. This level of access and sharing is another important difference that we offer our fans that you will not find from other vehicle manufacturers that we hope you enjoy, because we enjoy having you along on the journey. A side note: The process is incredibly detailed and has thousands of moving parts and twists that we would need a series of books to capture effectively. We overly simplify things to fit in the blog and hopefully keep it readable and interesting.

The first steps of P5 started with the P4 really. We introduced the P4 to the world and had our fans and followers see and sit in it and they came up with some great ideas and thoughts about how to make the Elio better. Those ideas came through the Preview Tour Team and email and several are included in the P5 design (last week’s Momentum outlined some of the changes). Additionally, you the fans picked the color – Red Hot – which looks fantastic!

After the design changes were implemented, the engineering and design team turned over the work to our partners at Technosports Creative. This is where the fun starts as the team literally starts from nothing except a great idea, CAD data and an amazing talent to make stuff.

The Technosports team received the steel to make the chassis, created the panels for the body and interior, and received parts from our supplier partners to start the ball rolling. Then, they start making the Elio…

P5-2wk-1 P5-wk2-3 P5-wk2-2

The panels go on and off several times throughout the process to allow for fit changes and access to other parts of the vehicle. They have teams working on different parts of the vehicle simultaneously to shorten the time it takes to complete as well.  Some days, even weeks, those of us that are not intimately involved may not see changes, where some days the changes make it look almost done!

P5-wk2-5 P5-2wk-7 P5-wk2-6

In addition to creating the frame and panels, the team at Technosports also created other parts that are specific to the Elio which are not supplied by our other supplier partners at this point in the project. Those parts will ultimately be manufactured in large quantities when we go to production. Interesting tidbit is that making one of something is very time consuming and costly, but making 1000 of the same thing can only take incrementally longer and each piece costs less than the last.

Top View - Sleek lines. 

Next week we will go through the finish of the P5 – and there may be a chance that we share a little more…

Elio Preview Tour:

Preparation for the LA Auto Show on November 18, 2015

Thanks for your continued support.

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