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Did You See These? 11/7/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  We hope that you all enjoyed your extra hour this week – except our friends in Arizona of course!  This week in the blog we wanted to share a couple of our recent news releases with you as they are all about accessories and options for the Elio. The options and after-sale accessories are just one of many ways to to personalize and is also very popular topic through email and social media.

Our news releases go out on the “wire” whenever we have something to share with the world.  They can be centered around events, significant milestones in our progress, or information that tells the story of the uniqueness of the Elio. This month we have published three releases about partners: DES, Auto Essentials and Infinite Skyz.  Each brings with them cool products for the Elio that many fans like you will take advantage of when you order your vehicle!

DES Group Product and Training Solutions is an interior and exterior options manufacturer specializing in plastic injection and blow molding. They will provide Elio with interior parts like the instrument panel (speedometer, gas gauge, tachometer, etc.), door panels and consoles. Exterior parts include the front and rear fascias and exterior lighting.


As Paul Elio said, “Vehicle interiors have become increasingly important to the overall driving experience,.  After all, people spend nearly an hour or so a day just commuting back and forth to work. Providing a range of aftermarket options will give our customers an opportunity to personalize their driving space and make it more a reflection of their own personal style.”  DES is working on some very cool options for us and suffice it to say, you will interact with their products every time you drive your Elio.

If you are looking for making a statement with your Elio that people will see immediately, our new partner Auto Essentials has what you are looking for!  Auto Essentials will provide Elio Motors with chrome trim, lower rocker extensions, rear deck lid spoilers and front chin spoilers. They will also work with us to develop Special Edition packages that will include custom badges, unique graphics, custom body kits, custom wheels and high performance exhaust. All this on top of the already awesome styling the Elio offers is going to be too much fun!

Our most recent release is even more exciting for the “techy” Elio fan.  We are partnering with Infinite Skyz to use their SkyzMatic vehicle connectivity system!  This is a cool system that we will go much deeper into as we near production, but here is a taste of what it can do (think – vehicle connectivity): features including in-vehicle VoIP calling and Wi-Fi, remote vehicle monitoring and alarms, remote start and lock/unlock and navigation.  Basically all the technology we have come to love in one integrated package!


There is a lot more coming, from these incredible supplier partners as well as some partners that we have yet to announce.  Also, check out the website for more information about our suppliers and customization.

The Preview Tour:

Today – SEMA show in Las Vegas – private event

November 9 – Shreveport, LA **Tentative** depending on SEMA departure times (check website for updates)

November 14 -16 – New Orleans, LA; location and times announced later this week.

Thank as always for your continued support.  Tuesday, November 11th is Veterans Day, please remember those that served.  You can also reach out to those that have helped keep America the land of the free, because the brave Veterans made us, and keep us, that way.



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