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Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Big weekend for die hard NFL football fans – the 2015 NFL Draft live from Chicago. What a feeling it must be for those athletes and their parents when they hear their name called! The players have worked very hard, sacrificed everything to realize a lifelong dream, pretty cool. Paul Elio and his team understand the hard work and sacrifice that you need every day in order to achieve a lifelong dream.

Oh, and NFL football players seems like a pretty good job… a lot of hard work and physically challenging but the pay is solid!

The NFL draft will create jobs for 256 players (at least until camp starts) which is great, but it pales in comparison to what Elio Motors can create when we start production in our Shreveport, Louisiana facility. We have committed to 1,500 new jobs at the plant. Jobs that do not exist today nor have they since GM left the facility in late 2012.  These are quality manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing jobs in the US, not somewhere else around the world because it’s cheaper, here in the USA.

The creation of manufacturing jobs is one of the reasons Paul Elio started this project. Creating, and/or keeping, manufacturing jobs in this country strengthens our economy. Manufacturing jobs account for over $2.09 trillion of our economy. Yes, that is a “T” for trillion! Here is what else manufacturing jobs do for the country:

  • Manufacturing jobs support for over 17.5 million jobs in the US, 12 million of which are directly employed in manufacturing (9% of the workforce)
  • The economy has risen in the last four years, as have manufacturing jobs.
  • For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.37 is added to the economy. This is the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector.
  • Manufacturing workers earn, on average, 23% more than workers in all industries
  • Manufacturers account for over three quarters of all private sector R&D in the nation
  • #9 – The spot US manufacturing would be in the world economy rankings


There is no question that manufacturing drives the economy. Elio will be made in the US with 90% North American content. Yet another reason to join the Elio revolution.

The Elio Preview Tour:

May 1 – 3: Norfolk, VA; MacArthur Center Mall (Center Court, lower level between Zales Jewelers and Kay Jewelers), P4 show

Remember to check the website for future locations for the Preview Tour here.


Source – National Association of Manufacturers

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