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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that had a fantastic time celebrating our nation’s independence and have all your appendages intact. Tuesday may not be the ideal day of the week to hold such a glorious holiday, but still, the spirit of the Fourth of July is the most important takeaway. Even if you went to work on Wednesday with some ringing in your ears and had one too many hot dogs, it was worth it. Regardless of how you celebrated the anniversary of our country’s independence, the fact that you can celebrate it in your own way is what makes this country great.

In this week’s Momentum, we talked about the flow of Elio information. While we try to make quite a few different communication channels available, email is our primary source of checking in and keeping everyone informed. We recently made an upgrade to our email system by using a dedicated IP address.

You may be thinking, why is this important? First, the primary way we communicate is through email. By upgrading our system, we can keep everyone up to date much easier. Also, through email we will communicate with reservation holders about the status of their vehicles.

The reasons for this upgrade are many from email efficiency to folks that reach out to us and let us know that they have not been receiving our emails. The primary reason for not receiving updates was our emails were “bouncing.” An email can bounce for a couple of different reasons, from the mailbox being full to an incorrect spam filter to multiple emails sent that are not opened, but our new dedicated address should help solve the problem.


Also, we received some great questions about the different kinds of emails that we send. We send 3 different kinds of emails:

Promotional – These emails will let everyone know about Elio Motors and reservation promotions.

Information- This email option talks mostly about our progress and anything that has to do with Elio Motors as a company. This one everyone should “check” to make sure you are receiving them.

Vehicle- A must have for reservation holders. This preference is how we will communicate with our reservation holders as they get closer to picking up their vehicles. This is imperative to keep checked for anyone that has a reservation, as this is how we will reach out to you for all important matters. Please be sure to check this one as one you want to receive.


If you read this week’s Momentum and are still not receiving our emails, we can fix it. First, go to our website and fill out the form at the very bottom (look for “Sign up for Newsletter”. If you’re still not receiving our emails, let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it!


Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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