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Elio Momentum – Announcement: The P5 Reveal Date

Fifteen Days Away from P5 Launch!

Elio Motors has hit a lot of milestones lately.

We have more than 46,000 Elio vehicle reservations.

Our “testing the waters” phase of our crowdfunding initiative brought in more than $44 million in non-binding expressions of interest.

Heck, even our tour team posted its 100th blog.

All those things are great. But, at our core, we are an engineering company. And, nothing gets us going quite like seeing our designs come to life.

So what’s our next really big milestone? The P5 prototype vehicle is coming. And, we can barely contain ourselves!

On Nov. 19 at 10 a.m. (Pacific Time), we’ll be in the South Hall Atrium at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’ll be media days at the Los Angeles Auto Showand we’ll be introducing the P5 publicly for the first time to throngs of automotive journalists. In addition, we’ll be rubbing shoulders with leaders in the auto industry at one of the most influential motor shows in the world.

Elio Motors Display at SEMA
Why is this so significant? The P5 will be our first vehicle to feature our prototype engine. It is a major step forward for the company and definitely a reason to celebrate.

There are a lot of hurdles to clear when launching a start-up transportation company. Developing an engine that has the power and fuel efficiency that our customers will demand was one of the most important hurdles we’ve faced.

IAV features a team of some of the best engine developers in the world. The company has a great pedigree, too. They’ve developed engines for the likes of Mercedes and BMW and are world-renowned for their expertise. They’ve been an incredible partner and a big reason why we’re so excited about the LA launch.

The Elio requires a unique blend of power and efficiency and when we looked at existing engines, there was nothing that quite met our needs. We realized we needed to take a big step and become the first start-up transportation company in the United States in the past 60 years to build its own unique internal combustion engine.

IAV came through. The 0.9L, 3-cylinder engine is both powerful and efficient. We are well on our way to hitting our target of up to 84 MPG. And, let’s remember the vehicle will hit 0-60 in 9.6 seconds. Of course, it’s slated to top out at a little more than 100 MPH so it will have some pep (though we strongly suggest you adhere to all local speed limits!).

Right now, the vehicle is going through its final prep at IAV’s facility in suburban Detroit. From there, we’ll load it on the truck and make the trek across the country to the LA Auto Show.

There aren’t many days when we take a deep breath and celebrate a milestone. But, this time we will. We are making great progress, thanks in large part to suppliers such as IAV and the technology they provide.

We are looking forward to sharing it with you!

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