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Elio Momentum v10 – Ice Age in the Middle of Summer?

Mini Ice Age? Fear Not, We’ve Got You Covered!

When Paul Elio launched Elio Motors, he took a page out of the Boy Scout Handbook.

Be prepared.

The Elio needs to be able to handle any driving condition imaginable. It needs to have good traction on slick surfaces. It needs to be safe in the event of an accident. It needs to look good, it needs to get great mileage and it needs to be affordable.

It’s a lot of great stuff to combine into one package. And, we were confident we had just about everything covered.  Until last week.

You might have missed this story on the news, but according to the U.K. Telegraph, a group of scientists have looked at solar patterns and predicted that we are headed for a “mini ice age.” From the article:

“The earth is 15 years from a “mini ice-age” that will cause bitterly cold winters during which rivers such as the Thames freeze over, scientists have predicted. Solar researchers at the University of Northumbria have created a new model of the sun’s activity which they claim produces ‘unprecedentedly accurate predictions.’ They said fluid movements within the sun, which are thought to create 11-year cycles in the weather, will converge in such a way that temperatures will fall dramatically.”

Imagine the horror among our engineering team. Did we forget to account for the possibility of pending ice age?

Well, fear not, Elio fans!

Our supplier network, which includes some of the brightest minds in the auto industry, quickly constructed a “Mini Ice Age Simulator” so we could run the Elio P4 Prototype through some tests.

Here’s some video of the results.

Okay, okay. You caught us. That’s not a “Mini Ice Age Simulator.” It’s Rochester, Michigan, in February, and that’s the snow video that we’ve previously shared.

But, have you ever been to Rochester, Michigan? In February? For our Phoenix-based team, it really did feel like the Ice Age was upon us!

And, this close look at extreme weather does serve as a reminder – we really are prepared. It’s one of our most frequently asked questions – “How is the Elio in the snow?”  Well, the Elio does just fine in the snow. Our team has accounted for whatever on-road driving conditions Mother Nature can throw our way.

Of course, other scientists chimed in and completely de-bunked the mini ice age theory (we’ve cancelled our plans for a Phoenix-based snow-blower business.) But, it’s good to know that if one comes, we’ve got you covered!

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