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Elio Momentum v13 – Introducing Supplier Partner – Genesee Group Inc.

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Genesee Group Inc. to Play Integral Role in Elio Motors

One of the core pieces of Elio Motors’ business strategy was to build a blue-chip supplier base so that we had the right partners providing parts and systems. We tout our supplier team frequently, and many of them are major global suppliers, some with sales in the billions.

The goal for Elio Motors is to work with the most notable suppliers that best meets our needs which sometimes means we find the right partner in a smaller, highly specialized company. That’s the case with the Genesee Group, Inc., a 100-person operation with team members near Nashville, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas.

“One of the things we value in our supplier network is world-class expertise,” said Steve Semansky, Vice President of supply chain management. “Genesee’s not the biggest, but we think they are the best at what they do. Their stampings are an integral part of our vehicle structure and will play a significant role in everything from aerodynamics to safety and vehicle quality.”

The Genesee Group is an expert in providing both high- and low-volume stamped parts. Stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into the correct shape of the part. Genesee will have over 80 different stamped parts on the Elio. In addition, Genesee Group will provide 10 -15 different welded assemblies – a group of stamped parts welded together to form one functional part — as part of the Elio frame. In fact, Genesee Group provides more individual parts for the Elio than any other single supplier.

Genesee Group is a perfect fit for Elio for several reasons. First, while the company is in the prototype phase, it needs a partner that can provide high-quality stamped parts in a low-volume run. At this stage of our development, this is precisely Genesee’s role – providing “cut-to-order” parts for the upcoming E1 series.

But, looking down the road, Genesee Group also is capable of mass-producing stamped parts, as well. Currently, the company’s Tennessee operation is deeply involved as a Tier Two supplier to both Nissan and Honda.

The company’s ability to switch from a low-volume to high-volume supplier is a tremendous advantage, as it will provide continuity of expertise from our E1 phase through mass production.

Genesee also has one other significant advantage – geography. The company’s existing facility near Dallas is only a few hours drive to Elio Motors’ manufacturing facility in Shreveport. The relative close proximity will be an advantage as we get closer to production.

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