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Elio Momentum v15 – Behind the Scenes With Paul Elio Part 2

Behind the Scenes with Paul Elio: Elio Supplier Summits Revolutionize OEM, Supplier Relationships

Thirty-Four World-Class Suppliers Gather to Lay Groundwork for Production Timeline

Paul Speaking to Supplier Summit

Talk to any therapist, marriage counselor, clergy member, or maybe even Dr. Phil or Oprah, and what’s the one thing they say is most important to healthy relationships? Communication.

At Elio Motors, we take that to an exponential level. It’s not enough to have good relationships with our supplier companies individually, it’s just as important that they have good relationships with each other and that they communicate with each other to make positive things happen.

That’s what makes our supplier summits – like the one last week in Troy, Mich. — so unique and special. We bring 34 suppliers together under one roof. We talk about challenges. We trade ideas back and forth. We come up with solutions that save costs and improve design and manufacturability. We tap into the collective brainpower of some of the top minds in the auto industry. It makes us better and it is one of the key strategies that will get us to the production line.

Supplier Summit Room

This most recent supplier summit was perhaps our most important to date. Now that the funding picture is coming into focus thanks to recent crowdfunding initiatives, we are zeroing in on our production timeline. Our collective supplier team is working together feverishly to iron out minute details that, ultimately, will save our customers money.

The innovative nature of Elio Motors’ supplier relationships can’t be taken lightly. It will take a lot of discussion and decision making between the company and our supplier partners to get to the finish line. No idea is too big or too small. Paul Elio learned this early in his career as an engineer working at a supplier company. He came up with a solution to save $1.50 per part… all the supplier had to do was move a bolt hole an inch. The OEM said no. Here is a clip of Paul telling the story to Motley Fool in a recent interview:

 Motley Fool Interview

Part 2: Relationship with our Suppliers

When Paul launched Elio Motors, he realized that he couldn’t climb this mountain alone. His supplier partners were going to be a key part of the success. It’s one of the reasons communication with our suppliers – especially the listening part – is so important and such a big part of our culture.

Relationships are the lifeblood of business. Communication is what breeds healthy relationships and our supplier summits are how we put this innovative philosophy to work every day.

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