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Elio Momentum v24 – The art of getting more for less!

Getting More for Less: The American – and The Elio – Way

Getting more for less is the American way. As I write this, I’m sipping on a 32 ounce Big Gulp for which I paid 89 cents. That’s a lot of liquid that doesn’t disturb liquidity, so to speak.

Need more evidence of our universal obsession to get more for less?  Here are some of the headlines that pop up on a Google search of the phrase “getting more for less”:

“3 tips for working less and getting more done.”

“Energy efficiency: Getting more for less.”

“Getting more out of life when you have less money.”

It seems everywhere you turn, society has a healthy obsession with getting more from less.

There’s even a comprehensive stat for tracking that in the auto industry, thanks to the folks at They have tracked every vehicle available today to rank them by dollars per horsepower. It’s an interesting way to see who delivers more bang for the buck.

Turns out, the Elio will fare quite well once we get to production.

One of the requirements that Elio Motors made of engine developer IAV was to build an engine that was a blend of both fuel efficiency and power that was comparable to vehicles on the market today. From a practical standpoint, it’s important that the Elio is able to accelerate, pass and merge into traffic just like any other vehicle.

The 0.9L 3-cylinder engine that will debut in the upcoming P5 prototype meets these criteria. And, the AutoBlog list provides tangible evidence that we are on the right path.

The Elio will feature a 55 horsepower engine in a vehicle that will have a targeted $6,800* base price. That comes to $123.64 per horse. How would that rank? How about first place in the under 100 horsepower category? According to AutoBlog, the top five vehicles in the 0-100 horsepower category currently in production include:

1  Chevrolet Spark – 84 hp, $12,270, $146.07/hp

2  Scion iQ – 94 hp, $15,665, $166.65/hp

3  Mitsubishi Mirage – 74 hp, $12,995, $175.61/hp

4  Smart Fortwo – 70 hp, $13,270, $189.57/hp

5  Toyota Prius C – 99 hp, $19,540, $197.37/hp

The Elio would have a $22.43 per horsepower advantage over the closest competitor in this category. Obviously, the Elio will never be mistaken for the Chevy Camaro V6 (323 hp, $23,705, $73.39/hp) or the Ford Mustang (435 hp, $32,100, $73.79/hp) and owners will not be racing for pink slips or pulling boats up steep grades. But, the vehicle will go from 0-60 in 9.6 seconds and top out at more than 100 miles per hour. That puts its performance on par with many of today’s vehicles.

In fact, the Elio would be near the top 25 percent in terms of dollars per horsepower. Not too shabby!

So, while we will keep pushing our fuel efficiency message, touting how we can reduce overall oil consumption by 0.35 percent, and reinforcing how consumers can save as much as $1,500 in fuel costs annually, it’s good to know we do well when it comes to giving more for less.

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