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Elio Momentum v3 – With Gratitude on Memorial Day

With Gratitude on Memorial Day

Memorial Day serves as a celebration of honor for those who lost their lives in service to their country, as well as those who are Veterans and current members of the US military. At Elio Motors it also serves as a day of remembrance for the service of those who have made sacrifices so that today we have the privilege of going before State and Federal legislators to plead our case on behalf of our consumers.

Legislative Progress 


In March, AZ and NM were signed into law and April represented a successful legislative month as well for Elio Motors.  The states of ID, OK, KS, IN, ND all passed bills exempting helmets (age specific requirements) and motorcycle license requirements. All legislation was passed overwhelmingly and all put autocycle in definition with the exception of ND.  ND chose to use “unconventional vehicle” with somewhat complicated requirements to be considered. ND will most likely be the only state to use such a term to describe the Elio, but regardless, the legislation does eliminate the motorcycle license and helmets under 18 requirement.

In May, TX (although we were already exempt) put autocycle in definition as well.  At this point, Elio Motors will fall under existing statute that allows registration, no helmets and no motorcycle license required.  Following this step, the Texas DMV and DPS confirmed that Elio Motors has always been well positioned as the law pertains.

NE should have its final vote next week.  Our legislation passed on the floor 37-1 on its first vote. Just one more vote to go and we expect it to be unanimous.

As you may have read in the Elio Motors Three-Wheeling Blog or in the media for the past several weeks, Elio Motors has SB 268 which is now in the Senate Economic Development Committee. This legislation will essentially open up direct sales in MI for autocycles only.  Last Fall, the MI legislature passed an amended bill that required all motor vehicle manufacturers to use franchised dealers which meant either developing new, or using existing dealers.  SB 268 introduced by Senator Darwin Booher would exempt the classification of autocycle from the direct sales ban.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) strongly opposes such bans, and in their letter to Senator Booher dated May 7, 2015, they stated, “We urge the legislature to consider abandoning the direct sales prohibition in Michigan’s existing law, and instead permit manufacturers and consumers to reengage the normal competitive process that prevails in most other industries. Such a change would facilitate the development of new methods of distribution, benefitting the motor vehicle buyers of Michigan.”

Within this same document, the FTC described Elio’s business model as “innovative” and went into further favorable detail mentioning Elio Motors’ expected price, the option advantages (no packages), the use of Marshalling Centers for distribution and Pep Boys for service.  This is beyond what one might expect from a Federal or State agency which is reflective of Elio Motors’ legislative team’s efforts over these past six to eight months.

Although many mentions of Elio Motors have been in good company alongside Tesla, our bill ONLY allows direct sales of autocycles, not Teslas.

The Elio legislative team is now going over the legislation with Senate members.  We are concentrating our efforts to gather support for SB 268 through social media, conservative groups, the press and influential members of the business community that believe in the free market system.  We are also now working with the House of Representatives, interviewing members of the House to get the best possible choice to sponsor the legislation in the House.

Navigating our legislation through political waters can at times be incredibly challenging. However, the impressive success Elio Motors has had over the last 18 months shows that together we can accomplish great things for the future of transportation.

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