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Elio Momentum v31 – The Momentum is Undeniable…


Mainstream Auto Media Starting to See the Light…

There are many milestones on any entrepreneurial journey. Some are large and obvious. For Elio Motors, our launch of the P5 and our stock sale announced at the Los Angeles Auto show come to mind.

Others, however, are more subtle. But, they are important nonetheless.

One of those subtle milestones was this story about Elio Motors that ran on Page 1, above the fold, in Automotive News this week.

Automotive News is considered to be the Bible when it comes to automotive trade publications. It has a subscription base of nearly 100,000 and it is widely read by industry leaders and luminaries. Automotive News also helps set the agenda for other auto writers and journalists seeking to understand the auto industry. It’s nice to get the attention of such an important opinion leader. And, it’s a nice sign of progress in terms of winning over the mindshare of some of the industry’s harshest critics.

“We Don’t Cover Anything with Three Wheels”

Since Elio Motors launched, and particularly since the launch of the P4, the team has reached out to Automotive News on a consistent basis. A familiar refrain from multiple reporters and editors was “we don’t cover anything with three wheels.” Hey, we get it.

In addition, as a start-up, we were often met with skepticism, which we understand. The veteran reporters at Automotive News have seen it all and they are used to covering century-old companies such as Ford and General Motors.  We are clearly the new kid on the block.

Undeterred, we keep knocking on their door. Finally, after a steady stream of positive news and accomplishments, they are starting to listen.

Momentum is Undeniable

The change in perception by Automotive News is just the latest in a long line of obstacles Elio Motors has overcome. There is clearly interest in Elio Motors. With more than 48,000 reservations to date, we’re obviously onto something. Combine our reservations with a unique design, innovative business practices, a new way to invest, an engine built from the ground up, and a new prototype and even Automotive News had to agree. This is a great story.

We were thrilled when Gabe Nelson of Automotive News verified that he’d be at our Los Angeles Auto Show news conference. We want to share our story with anyone and everyone, especially an industry thought leader like Automotive News. To have Automotive News in attendance at the news conference, with another 100 or so industry writers, reinforced an important point – Elio Motors is catching the eye of the mainstream automotive industry.

The article itself is fair and balanced and creates a realistic sense of where we are today. It captures the human side of Paul Elio’s story, outlining how he was struggling financially in the early phases and how a little bit of luck combined with a whole lot of perseverance has kept the company moving forward. But, it also outlines some of the challenges the company still faces – fundraising, reaching fuel efficiency goals, and reaching price targets.

These are all things Paul has shared in town hall meetings, other interviews, speeches, our offering circular, and many venues. But, it’s good to have real journalists asking these questions and acknowledging that there are still a few mountains to climb. It keeps the company on its toes and sharpens the focus moving forward.

Perhaps what we like best about the article, and what Automotive News sees in our story, is a never-say-die attitude.

“I’ve never thought of conceding defeat. Ever,” said Paul Elio.

It’s nice that Automotive News is catching onto our efforts. We look forward to sharing even more positive stories with them…hopefully when we see them again at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.


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