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Elio Momentum v37 – What are Industry Preview Days?

Interested Auto Experts Flock to Elio During Detroit Show Industry Preview Days

Unless you have worked in the auto industry, or perhaps taken a tour of an auto assembly plant, it’s difficult to comprehend the complexity of what it takes to build a vehicle. There’s a reason there haven’t been many successful auto startups…it’s not easy!

Nobody knows that more than the people in Detroit, who live and breathe the industry every day. That’s why the Industry Preview Days portion of Elio Motors’ stint at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit was so important. It was our chance to shine in front of the true gear heads.

What are Industry Preview Days? The Detroit show starts with Media Preview Days: two days of news conferences, vehicle introductions, and executive interviews. After the worldwide media leaves town, the NAIAS opens its doors to industry employees who proceed to walk around, crawl through, and slide under the vehicles looking at every nook and cranny to see what their competitors are launching. The true gear heads – the ones who care about things like constant velocity joints, compression ratios, and turbo chargers – come out of the labs and put every vehicle at the show under tight scrutiny.

As you know, no one has put together a vehicle that gets the rare combination of high fuel efficiency and low cost that and Elio Motors is bringing to market. Up to84 MPG? Zero to 60 in 9.6 seconds? For a targeted base price of $6,800*? These are big, lofty, and ambitious goals. They raise eyebrows, and naturally, they raise the curiosity of those in the industry.

Therefore, it makes sense that our exhibit and the P5 drew a lot of interest, both from our own supplier team and from other industry executives and engineers. They looked. They prodded. They pulled. They crawled underneath and used their iPhones as flashlights. They gave the P5 a thorough walk-around and look-through.

And, they seemed genuinely impressed.

Here’s how the scene was depicted by journalist Ronnie Schreiber from the auto blog, The Truth About Cars:

“There was a steady stream of visitors to the Elio booth in the concourse. Some were from Elio vendors, and they all looked uniformly happy. Everyone else checking out the trike looked genuinely interested, not skeptical.”

Here’s a link to the full article, which does a great job of chronicling all things Elio:

Of course, that was just one man’s observation and interpretation, but we concur. We’ve had a nice run thus far at the Detroit show and the feedback and enthusiasm from industry experts has been excellent. While we know the company is on the right path and we continue to make progress toward production every day, it’s good to get positive feedback from the folks who are on the industry’s front lines.

We’ve already had great feedback from the motoring public – we are over 49,000 reservations for a place in line to buy an Elio to date. And, through our current Reg A+ offering (which closes Feb. 1, by the way!), we’ve raised nearly $16 million which has enabled us to begin development on the E-Series.

Even with those positives firmly on our side, it’s nice to get validation from those in the know. Industry Preview Days showed, once again, that we are moving in a very positive direction.

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