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Elio Motors 2015 Futureliowners

Hello Elio’ers! As you know, the Elio Motors Tour Team is taking a brief break.  So, we decided to take this time in our weekly blog to review some of our futureliowners who have shown up at our events this year.

Like Rob, who we met in Santa Monica.  He jumped right in for his “Spot in Line” after researching Elio’s features. He’s an “All In” kind of guy, and if you look carefully at his forearm, you’ll see what we mean:



We found Alvin in Albuquerque and think he deserves a spotlight for his awesome hat…



Next, we have Matt (in the reservation holder shirt) from Lakewood, CO who met his parents, Bill and Janelle at the FlatIron Crossings Mall to check out the P4. Bill, who is a firefighter, says it’s all about the safety.  So, the fact that we are engineered to the highest safety standards with a reinforced steel roll cage, it’s SAFE to say we passed his test :)


Lauren, Karen, and Matthew flew their Cessna to Portland, Oregon from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to see us.  Now that’s dedication!


And finally, Arthur W. works as a Project Manager in ITE at the Kennedy Space Center, which is who hosted us for their Earth Day Celebration.  He holds a more familiar title of #4,622 and was super excited to see the p4 in person!


These are just some of the great folks that came out to see us this year and we are truly grateful for all of your dedication!  We are where we are today because of your support.  Thank you.


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