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Elio Motors and Pep Boys 5-2-14

Happy Friday Elio friends and family.  This was another great week with two huge events: our FOX & Friends segment and the announcement of Pep Boys as Official Service Center.  What a great week.

First, the interview on FOX & Friends was an amazing way to get the Elio word out.  It drove tons of traffic to the website and a lot of new future Elio owners!  Paul did a great job and the Elio looked fantastic on national television.  If you haven’t seen the segment yet, click here to see it on our YouTube channel.


The second big event this week was the announcement of Pep Boys as our official service center.  (Click here for the press release)  This a significant step forward for us in that it is the major piece of our service strategy moving forward.  Pep Boys has 800 locations in the US and Puerto Rico that include 7500 service bays.  This is a great base from which to build from!  We are going to start off with more service locations than some major automotive players have currently!  Volkswagen, KIA, Mazda, Subaru (and a whole lot more) all have less now than we will have when we open with Pep Boys alone.

There have been some questions that have come in that we want to address regarding the Pep Boys partnership.  Let’s look at those:

  • What do I do if I don’t have a Pep Boys close to me for service and warranty work?

This is the most common question this week.  The Pep Boys partnership is the first major step and will reach 90% of our customers.  We are working on several solutions that we will share later these later this year.  We realize that service is a big piece to the puzzle and will put together a great package for our customers.

  • Who will do my warranty work?

Pep Boys is our Official Service Center and will complete warranty as well as maintenance and any other needs you may encounter.

  • How will this go on a lift to get serviced?

Great depth of question here and from a lot of people too.. How does a three wheel vehicle “go up” to get serviced?  The market currently has lifts that will be able to handle the Elio today with no additional effort.  There are also some really creative people who have a solution in the works for the other possible situations that may arise.  Great question, and we have a great solution that we will have in place when the Elio hits the streets.

This is a significant step forward for us and we are really looking forward to working with the great team at Pep Boys to make this another winning aspect of owning an Elio.


Thanks as always for your continued support, we wouldn’t be here without you!



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